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Required reading

Between my email and Pocket, I am swamped with links to articles I mean to read — eventually.

Then there are the tweets that I need to monitor, Facebook messages to check, article comments to moderate and a variety of tasks that I need to do for the job that pays my bills.

And that’s not even considering the tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams, Tumblr posts and Feedly feed to keep up with for my personal interests (how big is the Venn diagram overlap between work and personal? I’m not even sure anymore).

This isn’t just my problem. How do you untangle reading for work and for pleasure? How do you keep up on the ceaseless flow of changes to social media platforms, best practices and things that are just fascinating to read?

What I try to do includes:

  • Subscribing to email newsletters. Yes, sometimes they pile up in my inbox, but when I have time I’ll go through, triage the links and save some to Pocket, open others in tabs to be read sooner and then delete the email. (Quick shout out, by no means comprehensive: Melody Kramer, MediaREDEF, MediaShift, American Press Institute’s Need to Know.) And yes, these often pile up until I find a few minutes to go through them. And sometimes delete the older ones.
  • Using IFTT, I can “favorite” a tweet and automatically send the link in it to my Pocket – a single clicks saves me time, and I don’t have to worry about scouring my feed later for that elusive link that sounded interesting. As I read I take notes the old-fashioned way – pen and notebooks.
  • Tweetdeck columns and Twitter lists are essential to me, now that I have them set up. The time investment in creating and curating a Twitter list pays off when I can see at a glance what those on the list are saying.
  • Belong to Facebook groups of other journalists in social media. It’s nice to see others struggle with issues that identify with. Not in a schadenfreude way, but in a “I’m not alone in this!” way. And others solutions often help me solve problems I’ve encountered.

What systems do you have in place to keep up with information?

Beth O’Malley is the SPJ Digital Twitter moderator, and works as an online content coordinator with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Email her at or contact on Twitter at @PDBeth.

The views expressed in this blog post are that of the author’s, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SPJ Digital executive, the board and staff of the Society of Professional Journalists, or its members.


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