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The face behind the emails, tweets and all things SPJ communications

My name is Maggie LaMar and I am the new Communications Coordinator for the Society of Professional Journalists. I am almost finished with my fourth week here and have already learned so much (and sent members many emails).

I often find myself looking at corporate social media pages or going through a promotional email and wondering about the person who runs it. Have you found yourself doing this with SPJ the past three weeks? Wonder no more loyal SPJ followers!

I’m a 2015 public relations grad from Purdue University. My previous public relations/marketing experience includes internships with Purdue Liberal Arts Career Development, Ivy Tech Community College and Re/Max.

Working for a journalism society, as well as for journalists, has been an exciting three week trip. There are so many similarities between public relations and journalism, and just as many differences. I hope to use all of the skills I learn, as well as the journo knowledge I pick up on, to be a better public relations professional.

I have a few goals with this position:

1) A verified SPJ Twitter account

The tricky thing about this is that no one can just request verification, not even an organization. Verification occurs when Twitter declares a page to be influential. My compromise to this goal would be to continuously post relevant and exciting content for all of SPJ’s followers.

2) Write a blog post regularly

This is a goal that I have complete control over. I will try to provide meaningful blog posts throughout the year that are relevant to SPJ and my positon. As many communications specialists (and journalists) know, that a to-do list can look entirely different at 3 p.m. as it did at 8 a.m. and blogging usually is pushed down the totem pole.

3) Increase membership and EIJ attendance

The marketing side of my position thrives on numerical results. The “success” of my promotional efforts is determined by the response; the amount of people who attend the events or join the society. I hope that I can help SPJ grow as an organization.

4) Communicate effectively

This seems obvious because it’s my job title basically. My goal is to consistently go above and beyond to communicate happenings at the society to members and assist members with their questions and problems.

Fun extras:

  • Every playlist on my iPod (250 gb circa 2007) contains at least one of the following artists: Led Zeppelin, Blink-182, Eminem or Hans Zimmer.
  • I have watched every movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy at least four times (and yes, I read the books).
  • I enjoy hiking and a long list of other outdoor activities.
  • I enjoy cooking and eating equally as much.

I look forward to everything I will learn and experience in my year here at SPJ. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to email me!


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