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Is it time to change SPJ’s name?

One of the more interesting issues that came up at the SPJ National Convention in Anaheim was whether the Society of Professional Journalists should change its name.

Michael Koretzsky, Region 3 director, offered a resolution calling for SPJ to change its name to the Society for Professional Journalism. The delegates rejected the resolution, but directed the national board to take up the issue and come back with a recommendation the following year.

Koretzsky outlines his reasons here. In a nutshell, changing the name would allow people who are not journalists to join SPJ and give it additional clout. It also reflects the arguments we’re making for the shield law, that it is journalism that should be defined, and not journalists.

But there are also reasons to keep the current name. First, it’s expensive to change a name, especially when you have letterhead, banners and signs with the society’s name on it It may also confuse people as to what SPJ stands for.

I volunteered to serve on the task force that will look into the name issue, as I think it is a discussion worth happening. But I want to ask you what you think. Should SPJ change its name? You can either post below, or email me.

What do you want out of regional conference next year?

Next year’s regional conference will be March 28-30 in Salt Lake City. As we discussed at our regional meeting, we will be doing it at the BYU Salt Lake Center, which is easily accessible from the TRAX light-rail system.

Right now, we’re working out the programming details. If you have any suggestions let me know, or email Sheryl Worsley, Utah Headliners’ president, with your suggestions.

I’ll keep you posted as the conference develops.


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