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Miami chapter in high gear

I’d be remiss not to promote what my students are up at Miami University, although many of our plans are, shall we say, still fluid:

On Oct 3, we’ll host “Outside the Classroom,” to promote internships, on-campus media opportunities and the general need to get out there and get busy.

MU-SPJ will also have a hand in these events:

  • ABC News veteran Bill Blakemore will visit Oct. 21-23 and give three talks.
  • Wil Haygood, the Washington Post reporter (and Miami grad) who wrote the story that the new film “The Butler” is based on, will spend time with JRN students and faculty Nov. 4.
  • Doug Haddix, who runs the OSU Kiplinger Program just up the road, will visit Nov. 12, with wife Margaret Peterson Haddix, an author. Both alums, Doug will visit JRN classes and give a talk, with Margaret spending the day with English students and faculty.
  • We’re also chasing NPR’s Mara Liasson, who’ll be in town Nov. 13-14, in hopes of doing a joint chat with students at Miami and the University of Cincinnati.


Cincy planning busy fall

Cincinnati Chapter Prez Tom McKee reports a busy fall in the Queen City:

Sept. 24: Nostalgia Night Mixer, aka “Journalism Karaoke.” (Mmmmm, who will dare?)

Sept. 26:  Lunch With The Pros with University of Cincinnati students.

September TBA: Lunch With The Pros with Northern Kentucky University students.

October TBA: “Internship Night” with area universities.

October TBAs:  Repeats of the Lunch With The Pros at UC and NKU. (Hey, Tom, don’t forget us up the road in Oxford, at Miami University!)

November TBA: Forum with Congressional reps from Greater Cincinnati and/or forum with whoever wins the Cincinnati’s mayor race.

Interested? Wanna help? Contact Tom at

Inactive R4 chapters

One more item for the day:

The National Board agenda included much discussion on inactive chapters — with even more discussion about pulling the charter of the Philadelphia chapter for lack of activity.

In Region 4, the following chapters (all student ones) are now considered INACTIVE. That does not mean their charters are revoked, but simply that they are not currently operating.

I will be reaching out to J Programs at all these  institutions, but if you have any help info on any of the chapters, please be in touch.

  • Bethany College
  • California University of Pennsylvania
  • Central Michigan University
  • Cleveland State University
  • Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  • Lorain County Community College
  • Otterbein College
  • Shepherd University
  • Shippensburg University
  • University of Toledo
  • Wayne State College

Region 4 Ethics Week activities

Two Region 4 chapters have received grants to help put on 2008 Ethics Week programming, during the week of April 21-27.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania SPJ, $450
Program Name: “News Media in Indiana, Pa.: Of Whom, By Whom, Form Whom?”
Description: The program will be a journalism symposium at which local news-media representatives will join a panel to address the title question, discuss issues related to it and answer questions from a moderator and from students and citizens from the campus and surrounding community. The chapter’s objectives are to illuminate the work of professional journalists in the community, to shed light on the pressures they face on the job and to invite citizen appreciation for and constructive criticism of their performance.

Central Ohio Pro, $550
Program Name: “Grey Matter: Working in a freebie culture”
Description: We life in a freebie culture, from free doughnuts to game tickets. Are all gifts to be refused? Is there a grey area? The Central Ohio Act Independently Ethics Program will: Give analysis of real life examples; Provide ethical insight from both journalists and public relations professionals; Encourage group discussion with the panel.

Read about more programs across the country here.

Detroit launches new site, sets JOY deadline

The Metropolitan Detroit Chapter has launched a slick new Web site, put together by new chapter webmaster Celeste Filiatrault, of the Oakland Press.

Re-elected President Steve Raphael also reports a new schedule for the chapter’s annual Journalist of the Year Awards. Deadline for entries is Feb. 28 with the awards banquet in April.

Southern Ohio works toward chapter charter

Greetings, from the Society of Professional Journalists Southern Ohio Chapter!
Several months ago, we hosted an informational meeting in Portsmouth, Ohio, letting people know we were coming to town. I know it seems like we’ve forgotten you, but I promise we haven’t. We’ve spent these past few months working very closely with SPJ national headquarters, to find out what we need to get our chapter up and running, and now we’re finally ready to get things rolling.
What we need now is 20 professional member signatures on a petition of support for the Southern Ohio Chapter of the SPJ. If you’re a member of the organization, and if you support the creation of a southern Ohio chapter, please consider signing our petition.
Please note that ONLY REGISTERED SPJ MEMBERS CAN SIGN OUR PETITION! But that doesn’t mean we’re leaving you out if you’re not yet a member. All you need to do is join the SPJ, at and then you can sign our petition, and once our local chapter is functional you’ll be able to join and participate in our regular meetings and events.
You’ll also get all kinds of great stuff just for being a member – whether you join our chapter or not. The SPJ Web site can tell you all about the perks, which include group discounts, health insurance, journalism magazines, networking opportunties, national conventions and much more!
Southern Ohio is badly in need of a local chapter, and we need YOU to help get it started. Once we’re fully approved, we will be holding regular meetings and functions, and we will elect a board who will then officially decide such things as our chapter name, membership dues (if any), meeting schedules and more. So if you’d like to be part of our chapter, or if you’d just like to join the national organization with no chapter affiliation, check them out online and then please consider signing our petition to establish this new chapter.
If you are a member of the SPJ and support the creation of our this new chapter in southern Ohio, please send me your name, address and phone number, to be added to our petition, which will be sent to national headquarters for approval in January!
With YOUR help, we can bring the Society of Professional Journalists to southern Ohio!
Thank you.
Ryan Scott Ottney
SPJ Southern Ohio
Chapter Coordinator (under construction)


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