Gen J’s extreme makeover

Corny but also the least offensive...

This is how I spent my Monday night.

Yesterday, SPJ’s Generation J committee started soliciting logos that, you know, capture its essence. Here are the details.

Cynical perhaps...
So what’s the essence of Gen J?

Not a clue. It’s a committee of under-30 pro journalists who struggle mightily to represent that schizophrenic demographic – too old to care about college, not old enough to care about 401(k)s.

Reminds me of Boy's Life magazine, which really means I'm old...
I’ve attended Gen J committee meetings before.

All I’ve really learned is that they call themselves Gen J, instead of Generation J. The rest of the meetings involve cultural references I can’t grasp. But they’re ambitious.

They’ve hosted some of the edgier sessions at SPJ conventions, and they update their SPJ blog several times a month – which is the most out of all 24 (yup, count ’em) blogs that SPJ keeps alive, although not exactly kicking.

My favorite, obviously...

Think you can design a better logo than me?

If so, you win a free year of SPJ membership. But I like my chances. Especially with this last one – I hear the ’70s are in again, and spanking never goes out of style. Or am I wrong about that last part?

The contest ends March 1. Here are those contest details one more time.

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