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It’s Contest Time!

The 2015 SPJ Northwest Excellence in Journalism Contest is officially open for applications! If you are a journalist working for professional print, broadcast, or online media in SPJ Region 10 (Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana), we’d love to see your work.

Based on member and entrant feedback from last year, the 2015 contest committee has implemented several changes. Some things to know: 

—Region 10 is working with a new contest vendor this year. We are hoping this change leads to more user-friendly interface and improves communication with contestants.
—All entries, including General Excellence, can only be submitted digitally.
—All entries this year are $20 for regular categories, and $50 for General Excellence.
—We have combined the Non-daily and Alt Weekly categories to make them more competitive.
—We have added a new daily print category: DAILY Very Large (A daily print and/or online publication with staff of 41 or more). The daily print competition is now as follows:
DAILY-Small: A daily print and/or online publication with staff of 10 or fewer
DAILY-Medium: A daily print and/or online publication with staff of 11-25
DAILY-Large: A daily print and/or online publication with staff of 26-40
DAILY-Very Large: A daily print and/or online publication with staff of 41 or more
—We have added more visual categories to better recognize the work of visual journalists.

The contest deadline: Feb. 15, 2016 at 5 p.m. PST. Winners will be announced later this year on the Region 10 blog. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at

To enter, and for more rules and information, click here.

And the Region 10 contest is live

Whew – it’s been a bit of a steep learning curve here, but we should be good to go. To enter the 2013 SPJ Region 10 Excellence in Journalism contest please visit

The categories and entry prices are the same as last year. The deadline is February 19 – please meet the deadline. Please.
Some of you have a three-day weekend coming up and the stuff you are submitting was already published – please don’t procrastinate.

We have a new contest coordinator. Her name is Lorna Walsh and she is a communications professional here in Spokane. She was one of a handful of people who were interested in the job, and we are looking forward to working with her.
For now, your best contact for contest questions is Regional Director Pia Hallenberg – reach her at

We received more than 2,000 entries last year and are excited to see what you will be sending us this year. Remember, only entries published and broadcast in 2013 are eligible.

Awards corrections & re-orders

Now that the 2011 SPJ NW Excellence in Journalism Awards have been announced, we are starting to receive requests for duplicate awards and corrections. Here’s how re-orders and corrections will work:

1)  Please download this form to request a correction or order a duplicate trophy or certificate.

2)  Submit it to regional director Dana Neuts with your payment by July 15 (note: if it is our error, we’ll pay for the correction).

3)  We’ll make changes to the trophies, certificates and online awards booklet all at once after all of the changes have been submitted.

Because the trophies and awards booklet are being done by outside vendors and there is a cost involved with each change, we are not able to make changes more quickly. Thank you for your understanding.


2010 Northwest Excellence in Journalism Contest Timetable

(Revised 1/11/11)

We are getting ready to launch the annual Region 10 SPJ Northwest Excellence in Journalism contest. Here is the timetable for this year’s contest, honoring work produced during 2010:

12/31/10 – Contest categories solidified (to include any new categories, changes, etc.)

01/14/11 – Online contest entry information posted

01/14/11 – Press release issued, announcing the contest:  official “call for entries”

02/22/11 – Entry deadline for all categories

02/25/11 – Payment deadline for all entries to advance to judging (pay online or via check)

02/28/11 – Contest entries submitted to out-of-state judges

03/31/11 – Judges’ decisions to be returned to regional director

04/30/11 – Notification of winners (names only, no place or category info. will be given)

05/21/11 – Awards banquets to be held in Seattle and Portland for those chapters; other chapters will receive trophies and certificates via mail around the same time. For information about your chapter’s awards, please contact your chapter president.

Questions? Please contact regional director Dana Howard Neuts or contest coordinator Ruth Pettis.

What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas – SPJ Regional Business

I just returned from Las Vegas where our annual SPJ conference was held. Much fun was had by all and enthusiasm was high. At the same time, I am happy to report that we accomplished a lot, and I feel good about the direction we’re going as a group.

Six out of seven chapters were represented at the conference:  Montana (Ian M.); Snake River (Becky T.); W. Washington (Clay H., Cliff D., Oren C.); Oregon (Sara); William O. Douglas (Kristen K. and Paula H). and Inland NW (Mark P. and Pia). Other members from the chapters were represented but these were delegates and/or chapter reps.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the conference, here’s a quick synopsis of what went down at the regional business meeting:

Inland Northwest update: After several years of lying dormant, the Spokane chapter of SPJ is slowly coming to life, thanks to Mark Peterson and Pia Hallenberg. They are taking their media message on the road by visiting local colleges and universities to talk about the skills needed to make it in today’s social media-savvy world.

Regional conference update: Kristen & Paula updated us on their plans for the regional conference next spring. It will be held at WSU, Richland, Washington in the Tri-Cities April 8-9. Anticipated attendance:  80-100. They brought “save the date” cards and asked for help with programming ideas. We also discussed the idea of the region helping to pay for the annual conference through contest proceeds. The group was in favor of this idea though an official vote was not held. Stay tuned for updates on the William O. Douglas website.

Regional contest: I will contact two outside vendors (besides BNC) for quotes to take our system online. We might go with BNC for now and see what service national rolls out next year and be a test pilot. Chapter responsibilities:  providing contest swap partners by December 1 and a chapter contest coordinator who will be my primary contact during the contest season.

Contest timetable: This will be the same as in past years.

  • Rules, categories, etc. to be ready and posted online by 12/31/10
  • Promote contest during January
  • Entry deadlines for all categories:  mid-February
  • Entries to out-of-state swap partners:  March 1
  • Entries to be judged by April 1
  • Trophies & certs to be done by May 1  (Ian will do trophies again; Ruth will do certificates.)
  • 2011 Awards Banquet:  Saturday, May 21 in Seattle and Portland

Regional blog: My goal this year is to keep this updated with news at the regional level as well as at the chapter level. I encouraged chapter contacts to send me news, events and other updates so we can work more closely chapter-to-chapter than we have in the past. Send posts to me via email and I will post them here for everyone within the region to view (Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana).

Regional synergy: I’d like to see us work together more closely, particularly in terms of membership challenges and programming ideas. I believe we can leverage technology to create ready-made, portable programs that can be easily duplicated in other chapters throughout the region. This is particularly important in those chapters that are separated geographically. One idea:  freelance program, All Access Pass, could be tailored to freelancers in other markets. This could be a good pilot for the “program in a box” concept.

Please help me keep this blog alive and well and subscribe to the RSS feed or check back regularly for updates, news and more. I look forward to working with you over the next year!

~ Dana Neuts, regional director

Contest award re-order form & award pick-up instructions

Thanks to everyone who attended our Western Washington Pro Chapter SPJ Awards Banquet last night.  As always, it was lots of fun and we enjoyed honoring our colleagues and peers. We hope other region-wide events were just as well attended! For those of you who weren’t able to attend or whose chapters don’t host an awards night, here are instructions on making award re-orders, corrections and duplicate requests.

Award Re-Orders & Corrections (all Region 10 awards)

If you received an award that included an error, please complete this form and return it to regional director Dana Neuts by Monday, June 21. Awards will be corrected and duplicates ordered by month end and should be sent to the winners by the end of July.

[Note:  If the error was our mistake, we will make the change at our expense. However, if the error is based on your mistake (e.g., entered incorrectly in the online submission system) or you are ordering a duplicate award, the re-order will be done at your expense.]

Award Pick-up (Western Washington chapter awards only)

Certificates that are not claimed at the May 22 banquet will be mailed to the winners. Unclaimed trophies will be available in Seattle – at a location to be determined – early next week. Additional information will be posted as soon as we have selected the pick-up location. If the winner is located within 50 miles of Seattle, we will expect you to pick-up the trophy or cover the shipping expense. If you are outside a 50 mile radius of Seattle, we will ship your awards to you at our expense, unless you make other arrangements.

Questions? Contact Dana Neuts via email.


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