And the weekly winners are:

Well, for a while there it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen – but here they finally are, the last batch of alternative news weekly award winners in this year’s Region 10 contest. Certificates and trophies will be ordered right away and they will be mailed directly to winners.

I’m terribly sorry that it’s taken so long to get here and I know I’ve upset people with the unreasonably long wait for these results. Please allow me to explain a few things:

The man in my life was diagnosed with prostate cancer very soon after we launched the contest. What was supposed to have been a quick outpatient surgery turned into a five-day hospital stay and an excruciatingly complicated and long recovery process that featured me as the full-time caregiver.

The cancer diagnosis unfortunately coincided with my first term as contest manager as well as the retirement of our trusted contest coordinator. This proved a disastrous trinity and exposed a flaw in our contest system: we don’t have a backup plan – there was nobody I could hand the reins to.

I am sure some of you question my commitment to the contest and to SPJ, and there may not be much I can do about that, except to tell you that I spent hundreds of hours trying to pull this off and I’m truly sorry I’ve let you down.

I couldn’t have finished the job without the help of SPJ President Dana Neuts and exceptional HQ chapter coordinator Tara Puckey.

And guys, when your doctor says it’s time to check your PSA just do it – a cancer diagnosis is tough enough to deal when it doesn’t surprise you. Pia 




D4 – Alternative Weeklies (10,000+ circ.) – Government and Political Reporting

First Place – Evolution of Food – Lisa Waananen & Deanna Pan, Pacific Northwest Inlander

Second Place – Goofus and Gallant Go To City Hall – Aaron Mesh, Willamette Week

Third Place – Ire of the Tiger: the Legacy of Wayne Morse – Camilla Mortensen, Eugene Weekly


D5 – Alternative Weeklies (10,000+ circ.) – Environment and Science Reporting

First Place – Climate is the Disaster – Camilla Mortensen, Eugene Weekly

Second Place – Silence of the Hives – Deanna Pan, Pacific Northwest Inlander

Third Place – The GMO Apple the Industry Hates – Nina Shapiro, Seattle Weekly


D7 – Alternative Weeklies (10,000+ circ.) – Social Issues Reporting

First Place – The Cake Wars – Martin Cizmar, Willamette Week

Second Place – The Real World Portland – Pete Cottell, Willamette Week

Third Place – Down to the bones – Jessica Mayrer, Missoula Independent


D9 – Alternative Weeklies (10,000+ circ.) – Arts Reporting

First Place – Last of the Sad Bastards – Matthew Singer, Willamette Week

Second Place – In Search of the Mystics – Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly

Third Place – What’s so funny about the 1491s? – Jamie Rogers, Missoula Independent


D10 – Alternative Weeklies (10,000+ circ.) – Lifestyles Reporting

First Place – Killing Me Softly – Matthew Korfhage, Willamette Week

Second Place – Shoot to thrill – Erika Fredrickson, Missoula Independent

Third Place – How We Got Here – Lisa Waananen, Pacific Northwest Inlander


D11 – Alternative Weeklies (10,000+ circ.) – Personalities Reporting

First Place – The Gasman’s New Game – Matt Driscoll, Seattle Weekly

Second Place – More than just the money – Jason Cruz, Northwest Asian Weekly

Third Place – Freedom From the Line – Dameon Pesanti, Missoula Independent


D12 – Alternative Weeklies (10,000+ circ.) – Critiques & Reviews

First Place – The Wristbandification of Classical Music – Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

Second Place – Hangover Mad Libs – Matthew Singer, Willamette Week

Third Place – Visual Arts: Buster Simpson at the Frye – Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly

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