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Running for SPJ Region 1 Coordinator

Since I was appointed Region 1 Coordinator mid-term, I have to officially run for the final year of the two-year two. My hat is in the ring and I have announced my candidacy for the role.

SPJ had us put together a bio page of info about ourselves, what we have achieved and where we’d like to go … read some below, or click here for the full write-up.

In less than a year I’ve made an immediate impact in the role and I’m just getting started. I’ve stabilized trust, communication and leadership in Region 1, have coordinated with national, raised the promotion and marketing of our pro and student chapters and laid the groundwork and vision for more immediate and long term change in the Northeast. I’m looking to provide consistency in the region, while evolving SPJ on a grassroots level. The first six months have been successful, so let’s expand on that for another year-plus.

Within the first month in the position I had one-on-one conversations with all Region 1 pro chapter leaders and exchanged emails with campus advisors. From these conversations I developed a foundation of goals – I call the three legs to our R1 stool – GROWTH, ADVOCACY and COMMUNICATION.

Our goals with growth have been to develop new chapters, grow regional membership and expand our SPJ feeder system by launching new campus chapters. With advocacy, our goal is to open lines of communication with local officials and be a voice for the journalists and media organizations in our region. On communication, simply more of it between chapters, leaders and SPJ national.

In the last six months, I oversaw one of the more robust regional conferences in the country. It was multiple days with more than a dozen speakers and half a dozen panels. Guided the Region 1 Mark of Excellence Awards with a new awards chair. Promoted a student coordinator for the region. Set up bi-weekly email check-ins with all pro leaders and campus advisors, using the communication points to promote their events between each other and flag for SPJ national promotion and coverage. Relaunched the SPJ Region 1 blog, launched an SPJ mailchimp list for email communication with Region 1 members, worked with Stony Brook University to get its student chapter reinstated for fall 2021 and have already begun planning the 2022 SPJ Region 1 Conference on Long Island, as well as a possible 2022 SPJ Region 1 Summer Journalism Institute for high school students. I also developed a college chapter resource guide to inspire student leaders with ideas for new events and opportunities on their respective campuses.

Advocated the New York State Senate on Shield Laws, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on vaccinations for journalists and the Connecticut Senate on Bill 760, which aims to prohibit use of footage from accidents.

Thanks in advance for your support in the election in September!


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