The Times They are a-Changin’

As all members in good standing know, the SPJ Board is shrinking.
We are going from a cumbersome 23 members to a sleek nine members. Think F-350 down to F-150. Faster, tighter turning radius, better gas mileage. It’s not all coming at once, however, 2018-2019 is a transition year.
Some of the Regional Directors, soon to be dubbed Regional Coordinators will leave the board, including me. Because my tern is up in September, I go off the board. Those RDs with terms that extend through September 2019 will stay on the board for another year.
The RDs/RCs will stay in touch with the board and will continue to meet at least once a year as a caucus. We will also communicate via Slack and hold Zoom meetings when necessary. The rank and file membership should not really notice much of a difference. We are still here to serve you. We will share ideas and continue to work for the chapters and unaffiliated members in our regions.
The new board will function more strategically and will inevitably find it easier to get things done. The committee/community system will remain in place.
One thing that will never change is our need for volunteers. The board is looking for at-large directors. And, each of the 12 regions will still need RCs to run. I have decided to run for one more term and I have the deepest bench of all the regions, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about what you can do to serve your fellow journalists.
Notice, I’m not saying to serve the organization. That’s because the organization is us. We have opportunities for service for members of any interest and all talents.

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