Back from EiJ and Looking Forward

buskerThe difference between NYC and NOLA is apparently the decor around their buskers.


We are a fortunate bunch in Region 1.
We have a small geographic footprint (ok, I wouldn’t want to walk to Irwin’s house from mine, but, . . ) and a large population. Somewhere around one in six SPJers lives in Region 1. I learned at EiJ16 we also have a very deep bench compared to other Regions,
At the Regional meeting during EiJ16, I appointed Chris Vaccaro of PCLI my deputy RD. Chris has been doing an awesome job with the Mark of Excellence Awards, no easy task. His duties, in addition to continuing with the MOEs, will be to fill in for me in case I can’t make a required RD appearance and any other task that comes up.
Chris is not the only up-and-comer in the chapter. We gave several other young members who will soon step on the ladder. I learned at EiJ this is more true for Region 1 than most of the other regions.
It is also going to be a challenging year for the region.
Having a Regional Conference in Manhattan presents wonderful opportunities for programs and speakers, but it also presents complications, especially financial complications.
We have already lined up a number of programs: drones (which must be inside because there is no point in NYC more than five miles from an airport), legal issues, covering technology, covering real estate, transitioning to teaching and ethics. Irwin Gratz is looking for our MOE luncheon speaker and keystone is working on another panel. PCLI is on a search for swag, so don hesitate to help them out. Everyone should also come up with silent auction items.
As long as we pull together — and we are so good at that — it is going to be a great regional and a great year.


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