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Let Me Introduce Myself

I guess it’s about time I introduce myself.
My name is Jane Primerano and I’m your new-ish Interim Region I Director. Appointed to succeed Rebecca Baker as she moved up the ladder to secretary-treasurer.
I’ve been in the news business since dinosaurs roamed the earth. I spent years on the typical newspaper beats: municipal, county, cop-shop. Then environment, historic preservation and agriculture. That’s what I do now, I’m an “independent journalist,” which I still refer to as freelancer, covering agriculture and agri-buisness, equine topics, wine and craft beverages for trade publications. Mostly. Like most freelancers and in the noble tradition of Larry, Darryl and Darryl from the old Newhart TV show, “I’ll do anything for $1,” so I pick up work from other publications which is how I became the foremost expert on fresh-water weed control in New Jersey. Somebody’s got to do it.
I’ve been a member of SPJ since 1983. Not always active, especially while I was raising three kids as a single mother. Around 2005, kids semi-launched, I walked into an NJPro Chapter board meeting. The rest, as they say, is history.
I helped the wonderful David Levitt with the 2006 Regional conference and preceded to move up in the ranks of the board. I served on an informal committee, with Connecticut’s Cindy Simoneau, to help the Deadline Club with its Regional, which was so terrific it earned Rebecca the sobriquet Marvel Girl. I served as NJPro president for three years and ran our own Regional in 2013.
I really hadn’t thought of serving as RD. I was content to be NJPro’s representative to our Garden State Scholastic Press Association, the organization of high school j-teachers. But, I have been a delegate to the national convention several times and have learned a little bit about how the national works. So, when Rebecca asked me if I’d be interested, I realized I was.
So, for better or worse, you’ve got me. At least until September. And, longer if I decide I’ve done a decent enough job and have more I want to do and decide to run for a full term. And, of course, if I win. But that’s all in the future.
We have some important things going on, but I’ll save that for my next post.


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