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Muslims and Jews and Presbyterians

The fourth one…

“When I asked the staff of our student newspaper, ‘How many of you have been inside a mosque?’ no one but our copy editor, who is Muslim, raised his hand,” recalls Judy Kleinberg Biehl, director of the University of Buffalo’s journalism program. “I realized there was a big gap between their perception of what they’re covering and reality.”

Biehl won one of our $200 grants to pay for a halal meal at her own Muslimedia, which she called Journalism & Islam: Food For Thought. On April 23, she invited not only veteran and student journalists to join her at the Islamic Center in Amherst, but also a rabbi from Temple Beth Zion and a reverend from the Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Before the event, Biehl told Buffalo’s NPR affiliate…

We want the discussions to be blunt – the questions to be real. We’re not looking for politically correct answers. We want people to say what they are afraid of, and we want the journalist to answer openly what some of the fears are.

Watch the video above to see how blunt and real it got. And if you want to host your own Muslimedia, contact us.


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