Gimme 5!


Meet five more finalists.

In the Excellence in Feature Video/Streaming category, our three judges slashed 32 entries to the five below. They include comments from one of those judges.

To influence all the judges before they pick a first place – and a second and third if they want – you can post comments below, lobby us discreetly, or point us to any online discussion that build up or tears down specific entries.

Here they are…

Blood Is Compulsory: How We Talk About Advanced Warfare — “Self-involved lede, but it hooked me. Visuals constantly show what narrator tells. Claims are substantiated. There are graphs.”

DA- Psychofrauds: A DoubleFine Mess #FigOff — “This is a repeat from the news category. Better as a feature with time to spruce out the lede. History right up front is boring, though the visuals save it here.”

Editing Versus Censorship (The Jimquisition) — “Quick to the point, quick to back up claims. Visuals constantly show what narrator tells. Most importantly, the piece got me to care about something I knew nothing about.”

F.E.A.R.: Itself! (A Franchise Retrospective) — “Never played the game. But the piece quickly summarized it well. Argument is clear.”

Games for Learning Summit 2015 — “Damn, am I actually watching journalism? Yeah, it’s a feature but that don’t change shit. Blows everything else I’ve seen out of the water easily in actually journalizing.”

Next week: Finalists for Excellence in Feature Writing.

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