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E-W Center programs offer exchanges and opportunities for local SPJ chapters

Thanks to SPJ Leads for the heads up of three great programs for journalists to get international experience.

And for those who may not want to or cannot apply for these programs, there are chances to meet the journalists who will be visiting from other countries. It is really not that difficult to get on the itinerary of the visiting journalists. Just contact the East-West Center and see if the visitors will be in your area. Then offer to sponsor a reception, newsroom visit or meeting with the local journalism school.

Minimum work. Maximum benefit.

And who knows, it might even educate a few people that there is a whole big world out there that has direct connections to their little part of the planet.


The East-West Center works to promote better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific through cooperative study, research and dialogue. Journalism fellowships and exchanges for working American and Asia Pacific journalists promote understanding of the complexities of the Asia Pacific region through study tours.

The Center is now accepting applications for the following three programs:

  • Japan-U.S. Journalists Exchange: For Japanese and American journalists. Japanese journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to three cities in Japan.
  • Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange: For Pakistani and American journalists. Pakistani journalists travel to the United States; American journalists travel to Pakistan. All journalists meet at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii for dialogue sessions before and after the program.
  • Senior Journalists Seminar: For Asian journalists (from select countries) and American journalists; Asian journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to two or three cities in Asia; to enhance understanding between the United States and the Asian Muslim world.

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VOA job opening in Bangkok

Job Opening: Bangkok

Job Title
: Editor
Agency: Broadcasting Board of Governors
Job Announcement Number: BBG-10-27

This position is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

The incumbent will be the VOA Asia Coverage Editor, who coordinates and edits news and feature material (for radio, TV and the web) provided to the Central News Division by VOA correspondents and freelance reporters (stringers) throughout Asia. The Editor reports to the Assistant Managing Editor for International News.

More information.

Philippines now world’s deadliest country for journalists

What a dubious distinction now for the Philippines — with the massacre of 46 people on Monday, including 12 journalists, the Philippines is now the deadliest country in the world for journalists.

Before the massacre, the Committee to Protect Journalists ranked the Philippines fourth in terms of the numbers of journalists’ deaths — after Somalia, Pakistan and Iraq. Now the Philippines is at the head of the pack.

Of course we condemn the killings of the 12 journalists and the 34 other people (at this count) who were so brutally slain. But let’s try to do more to make sure that press freedom also means freedom to do one’s job as a journalist and stay alive.

US Govt. Seeks Journos’ Opinions of Obama Asia Speech

I knew the Public Diplomacy folks were working on something like this. Every time there is a major presidential address the U.S. embassies and consulates go on full alert to nail down reactions from their sources. So the public affairs people run around to universities and journalism contacts. The econ officers talk to economists. The military people spend some time with the local brass. Etc.

And lo and behold, the U.S. consulate in Hong Kong used an e-mail blast to hit their audience. (At least the State Department has finally given up on Wang.)

A friend in Hong Kong got the e-mail and now shares it with us all on his blog:

US Govt Polls Asian Journalists about Obama


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