Label advocacy and commentary.

The committee that revised the Society’s Code of Ethics felt the document’s tenets and underlying principles apply to all journalism regardless of how it’s ultimately presented. Still, the committee knew people interested in ethical journalism may benefit from additional guidance from the Society and other people and organizations.
Below are several resources that the Society’s ethics committee compiled to help people with day-to-day decisions. These resources are not formally part of the Code. Also, these lists will grow and change as more resources are found, or as resources become obsolete.

For those people who still have questions, please email the Society’s Ethics Hotline:

  • Fred Brown of the Society’s Ethics Committee writes that differentiating between opinions and impartial news coverage is important. “More and more news organizations, though, seem to blur the lines between the two,” he writes.
  • Former New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane took a look at readers’ reactions to the publication’s new review section. Included in the piece is importance of noting that certain people are offering their opinion in the pieces.