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Trading one role for another

This does not fit perfectly into the “report vs. help” discussion about coverage of Haiti, but it reflects an understanding of the separation of roles.

Minnesota TV anchor Julie Pearce, who is also a nurse, decided that she wanted to help Haiti earthquake victims more than she wanted to report the news from afar.

An SPJ statement cautioned against trying to be both a rescuer and a reporter at the same time.

-Andy Schotz, chairman, SPJ Ethics Committee

What they did in Haiti

The Associated Press’s “Ask AP” feature recently had a short item (second question down) on the news cooperative’s exploits in Haiti while covering the earthquake.

This tied in with a statement SPJ issued about the fine line between reporting and trying to help people you cover.

Where do you see that line?

It’s good to see AP acknowledging the aid it gave. But I wonder how many journalists and news organizations are explaining their dual roles (when they happen) as part of their reports, when it’s necessary.

-Andy  Schotz, chairman, SPJ Ethics Committee


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