“Funny, campy, corny, and refreshing.”

That’s how judges described some of the entries we’re lauding here today. They didn’t win when they were first submitted, but they’re winning now. Why? Because after a month of these weekly awards, it’s time to reward sheer originality and creativity.

Xena Peterson, California State University

PANDEMIC: Sick with Vain – a Portrait on Society

It’s not journalism, but so what? So what is it? Peterson is a senior majoring in film production and minoring in art at California State University, Northridge. Here’s how she describes the fashion photos atop this post…

Despite the pandemic’s exponential severity, many of us are too acclimated in our lives to give up our privileges for the sake of others. In these portraits, a medical mask is donned as merely an accessory rather than for protection – a metaphor to convey that we, as a society, are sick with vain.

‍Reilly Branson, F Newsmagazine

Comics page

Branson has the rarest of college media titles: comics editor. His self-described “motley crew” of artists are students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And while all are talented, Branson shows the most wit and range. He even designed the gif at the top of the comics page.

In true editorial cartoonist tradition, Branson’s frames alternate between inappropriately amusing and depressingly droll. It’s a testament to his brains as well as his hands that he can produce a steady stream of coronavirus comics at such a high level.

KBVR-TV staff

The staff at Oregon State University’s TV station is going a little stir crazy, admits broadcast coordinator Steven Sandberg, who submitted these entries.

“Entertainment show ‘Geeking Out About It’ are quarantined together in one house, so they are using anything they can to provide some laughs using homemade sets and skits,” he says.  “And Locals Live, which is normally a live music studio performance show, is getting creative in what can create music.”

What does that mean? In the first case, some skeptical “vlogging” that begins like this: “Do you have anything you want to say to the people at home?” “No.” “Cool, all right.”

Then it’s a weird minute and 42 seconds of watching a guy make music with celery. “The celery song was catchy,” one judge said. “I was singing along.”

Bethany Johnson, Empire State Tribune

On the Streets of New York: COVID-19 Gallery

The King’s College student lives in New York City and has taken some empty, creepy black-and-white photos. They were submitted by Susanna Loe from the school’s journalism program, who quite accurately describes them like this…

“Bethany captures an incredibly unique consequence of the current pandemic: The United State’s largest and most densely populated city has become a ghost town. Bethany uses her photojournalistic skill to convey a dramatic message to us from the eye of the storm.

It’s the opposite of musical vegetables, but no less creative.

Ball State Daily News staff

Daily Dining

One judge adored this, calling it “way cool.” Even thought it’s just a ramen noodle recipe. But it’s particularly well done.

“It’s a mini-cooking show on Facebook. The only episode so far is how to enhance ramen,” the judge said. “Look what you can make with ingredients around the house as you’re in seclusion.”

The next deadline for The CCC Awards is Friday at 11:59:59 p.m.


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