Region 5 Blog March 15th, 2019

SPJ Region 5: Student Journalists Fulfill a Vital Role at Universities

By Amy Merrick

The editorial board of the Loyola Phoenix, the student newspaper of Loyola University in Chicago, recently published an editorial criticizing the university president and the school’s department of marketing and communications for intervening in interview requests to faculty members and others.  Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez March 10th, 2019

Sunshine Week begins early this year

By J. Alex Tarquinio

Today marks the beginning of Sunshine Week, an annual rite of spring for media nonprofits. As the days lengthen, we are reminded that the framers of our constitution, among them James Madison, had a vision of government transparency that was a radical break from the world they were born into. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez February 20th, 2019

EIJ has a new sponsorship policy

By J. Alex Tarquinio

As I wrote in this column in the fall, we’ve been hammering out a new sponsorship policy for the annual conference that we co-host with our friends at RTDNA. Continue reading

The Mid-Atlantic Muckraker February 14th, 2019

SPJ meetings become open; sponsorship policy passed

By Andy Schotz

One significant thing about the Feb. 2 electronic meeting of the SPJ national board is that the public finally was invited to participate. (The most important item of business, though, was a new sponsorship policy, which is addressed later in this post.)

The board has been holding electronic meetings for years, and no one has given it much thought that they were inaccessible to observers. Continue reading

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