The Independent Journalist September 18th, 2018

How to make your chapter more freelancer-friendly

By Hazel Becker

Guest blogger: Adina Solomon

When I started thinking about journalism as a high school student, I pictured a staff job. Who didn’t? Maybe I could write bold features for a magazine or report for a metro newspaper. Continue reading

The Mid-Atlantic Muckraker September 5th, 2018

Q&A with this year’s SPJ candidates

By Andy Schotz

SPJ’s annual election is this month. Watch for an email ballot as Excellence in Journalism ’18 opens on Sept. 27.

SPJ members will choose a president-elect, a secretary-treasurer and four at-large directors (two for two-year terms, two for one-year terms). Continue reading

Bylines and Deadlines August 16th, 2018

Sorry, Pogo, Not This Time

By Jane Primerano

At first it was almost a joke. Those of us who were too young to have made Nixon’s enemies list figured we had another chance with Trump. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez August 15th, 2018

There is no democracy without a free press

By Rebecca Baker

Today, hundreds of newspapers across the country are publishing editorials to fight back against anti-press rhetoric. The Society of Professional Journalists stands in solidarity with these newsrooms and other journalism organizations and applauds their efforts to explain the importance of the work they do every day. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez August 3rd, 2018

Retooled SPJ staff is ready to confront new attacks on our free press

By Rebecca Baker

President Trump continues his verbal assaults on the press at rallies and in tweets on almost a daily basis. But the Society of Professional Journalists is responding the best way it knows how: by providing the training, networking and professional development that journalists need to continue uncovering the truth, holding the powerful accountable and perpetuating its role as a pillar of democracy. Continue reading

Lifting up and pressing on: Mourning, celebrating The Capital

By Andy Schotz

As survivors related by blood, marriage or ink at The Capital cope with loss and trauma, their community came out Saturday to root for them, on a day made festive by food and music. Continue reading

An update for the board: budget, staff, and more

By Andy Schotz

The SPJ national board held an electronic meeting on Saturday, part of a plan President Rebecca Baker announced when she took office: The board would hold meetings at four points during the journo-fiscal year instead of the traditional two (EIJ, on  spring). Continue reading

Gleanings from chapter reports (campus)

By Andy Schotz

After reviewing this year’s SPJ chapter annual reports for Region 2, I’ve already summarized the latest with the pro chapters.

Now, some highlights from the campus chapters:

• Western Carolina University: One of its two programs in the past year was a Google training session. Continue reading

Gleanings from chapter reports (pro)

By Andy Schotz

As SPJ chapters know, it’s annual report time. That’s when chapters lay out what they have been doing, particularly with programs, as well how they are doing financially. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez June 19th, 2018

SPJ’s 6.21 Day of Giving: Journalism Needs You!

By Rebecca Baker

At a time when journalists are called “enemy of the people,” fired for doing their jobs and forced to compromise their ethics, it’s crucial to take a step back and remind ourselves of the important and meaningful work that journalists are doing all over the country. Continue reading

Investigation into Region 10 money still underway; new SPJ financial regulations approved

By Andy Schotz

Some people have asked about the May 21 email from the SPJ board of directors (see below) about the possible misuse of money in a regional fund in Region 10. Continue reading

Bylines and Deadlines May 2nd, 2018

We’d Rather Be in Philadelphia

By Jane Primerano

Former National President and current NJPro Prez John Ensslin.

Matt Katz of WNYC tells a great Chris Christie story

Jodie Gil and Mike Savino of Connecticut. Continue reading

The Mid-Atlantic Muckraker 2018-04-25 09:51:43

By Andy Schotz

Some highlights of the most recent (April 14/15) SPJ and SDX national board meetings in Indianapolis:

Sigma Delta Chi Foundation board (April 14):

• SPJ Executive Director Alison Bethel McKenzie told the board that 112 applications had come in for the newly created Journalist on Call position. Continue reading

Bylines and Deadlines April 18th, 2018

The Times They are a-Changin’

By Jane Primerano

As all members in good standing know, the SPJ Board is shrinking. We are going from a cumbersome 23 members to a sleek nine members. Think F-350 down to F-150. Continue reading

FOI FYI March 9th, 2018

Whistleblowers and journalism are essential for democracy

By Danielle McLean

SPJ FOI Chair gives a preview of “The Whistleblower Project: A collaboration between the Society of Professional Journalists and the Government Accountability Project”

Ever since the Trump administration took office last year, reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico and many other news organizations have been reporting on the inner workings of the federal government. Continue reading