Helping journalists gain the necessary skills to remain employable or find work.

Encouraging institutions of higher learning to use innovative curricula and embrace the new skills journalists need to survive and thrive in an ever-changing industry.

Advising SPJ on the creation of effective, low-cost initiatives to reach members online via a traditional Web presence, social media and emerging techniques.

Providing SPJ and the journalism industry with information, analysis and advice on the latest digital media news, trends and issues.

Shaping SPJ’s official positions on new media and digital media-related issues.

Preserving freedom of speech online and protecting against threats, legislative and otherwise, to the free flow of information and opinions on the Internet.

Promoting mainstream acceptance and recognition of nontraditional media, including in the areas of credentialing and access to information and sources.

Helping journalists capitalize on the opportunities presented in the rapidly evolving new media world by providing expertise on digital journalism issues such as ethics.

Advising SPJ’s board on digital media-related topics and issues affecting programming and polices, including keeping the Society’s Code of Ethics modern.

Leading and developing the SPJ’s digital media so the Society’s leaders and members can more easily communicate with each other and with the public.

Informing the Society about the challenges and issues facing digital journalists.

Helping SPJ provide professional development offerings for digital media so journalists can learn needed skills to survive and thrive in a changing industry.

Ensuring new and digital media newsgathering techniques, journalists and outlets are as or more accurate, ethical, entertaining and informative as traditional media.

Teaching journalists and news outlets to embrace and adapt to digital media and the Internet.


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