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As I work on my master’s project in news infographics, I’ve started following several blogs and websites that have good data visualization, or tips on how to do it yourself.

I thought this would be a good forum to share a blogroll. Even if you’re not able to put together graphics like these yourselves, it helps to know what’s possible and use it to spark ideas for fresh reporting on topics.

This list is just some of the sites out there. Feel free to post others that you’ve found in the comment section.

  • Visual Journalism, a privately sponsored site, boasts “show, don’t tell” in modern journalism. The site tracks information visualization in journalistic endeavors.
  • Good Magazine has great info graphics to depict data about topics of health, education, politics and the environment.
  •, is a site run by Jorge Camoes of Portugal. He has a masters degree in statistics and information management. Many of his blog posts deal with business applications of data visualization, but he often has good tutorials and insights.
  • Fast Company’s Co. Design runs an “infographic of the day” on a section of its website. The company is a design firm, and the graphics aren’t always journalism related. But there are great examples of new ways to look at information throughout the site that can have practical implications on our jobs.
  • Flowing Data is a blog run by UCLA PhD candidate Nathan Yau, who tracks data visualization trends.
  • The Guardian on London has a Data Blog and data website, which pour through interesting data and try to make sense of it for readers. The paper even opened up its data for readers to review and try to make their own infographics.

Jodie Mozdzer is a web journalist for the Valley Independent Sentinel in Connecticut. She is a member of the SPJ Digital Media Committee and the treasurer for the Connecticut chapter of SPJ. Jodie is getting her masters degree in Interactive Communications from Quinnipiac University, with a focus on interactive news graphics. You can follow her on Twitter @mozactly.

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  • Suresh Babu

    Thanks for mentioning the list! It seems to have something for everyone with respect to data visualization.

  • Shella

    magnificent site, plenty of useful information specially the data / graph

  • Angela Whitaker

    I have recently fallen in love with the Infographic Archive, as a social media professional I love to use their archive. Good Magazine is one of my favorite bookmarks too.

    Thanks for the great article.

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