Are you ready to use CoveritLive?

CoveritLive is a free live-blogging tool used by thousands of journalists, bloggers and news organizations around the world.

Whether you are breaking news, covering a sports game or running a Q & A CoveritLive brings your online reporting to your audience in real-time.

Top 3 reasons to use CoveritLive
1. It’s free. Yes, FREE! $0
2. Creating an account takes “two minutes”. Actually, depending on your typing skills, it may take you a tad bit longer, or shorter, it really depends…
3. Software to download = zero. Zero for you to host CiL or for your audience to participate!

Where do I sign up for a CoveritLive account?
Go to the CoveritLive registration page.

Why is CoveritLive a great tool for journalists?
CiL allows you to report breaking news in real-time, hold an interactive Q & A with experts or broadcast the play-by-play at a sporting events.

What type of software do I need to install CiL?
None. You don’t need to install any software.

Can I personalize my CiL account?
Yes. CiL allows you to custom brand your template. Whether it is as simple as having your name or company logo out front, customizing your CoveritLive template is an important step in building a connection with your audience.

Here is what the default template looks like:

CiL has a number of features to enhance your live-blogging event including:

  • streaming live video
  • incorporating Twitter posts
  • polls
  • News Flash and scoreboards

Want to experience a CiL event live now? Check out this list of continuously updated live CiL events.

Oh, and it’s Free (yes, I know I mentioned it before).

And yes, there is an iPhone app. It’s Free too.

Hilary Fosdal is the associate new media editor at the Law Bulletin Publishing Company located in Chicago, Illinois. You can follow her tweets @hilaryfosdal.

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  • Hilary,

    I’ve wanted to try out CoverItLive for a while now, and your post reminds me that it’s time for me to give it a whirl.

    But I have one question: What would you say are the benefits of live-blogging a news event in CoverItLive vs. live-Tweeting the event? I feel torn. CoverItLive looks cool, but it seems to me that it’s dependent on readers all coming to your Web site at the requisite time, whereas live-Tweeting an event pushes Tweets out to wherever the Twitter followers are using their Twitter clients (on the bus, in a store, at a park, at home, at work, etc.). Are there instances where it’s better to use one and not the other?

    — Jennifer P in Houston


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