Discuss the proposed bylaws amendments

All SPJ members are invited and encouraged to discuss the proposed bylaws amendments that chapter delegates will vote on during the Excellence in Journalism 2011 conference, Sept. 24-27 in New Orleans. Please contribute to the discussion in the comments of this post.

If you would like to discuss the proposed One Member, One Vote amendment, we have set up a thread specifically for that discussion here.

  • http://www.dcappeals.com Bob Becker

    As chair of the Bylaws Committee I hope every SPJ member participates in discussion of bylaws amendments that will be debated at the convention. The Committee wants to answer your questions and hear your concerns.
    The SPJ Board asked the Committee to address several issues that have arisen regarding the bylaws. Among them is whether pro chapters are allowed to admit students as members. The current bylaws neither permit nor prohibit the practice, and several pro chapters already admit students.
    Another proposal addresses an issue that arose when President-Elect Darcie Lunsford announced that she could not serve as president for the coming year. The amendment clearly states what was implicit in the bylaws, that when this situation arises in the future there will be elections for president and president-elect.
    The final board proposal includes numerous fixes for typographical errors that have crept into the bylaws over the years. It includes a change to the Article addressing the relationship between the SPJ Board and the Quill Endowment Trust.
    Finally, there is an amendment to designate a “home chapter” for SPJ members. It focuses mainly on national members who join more than one chapter, and is intended to ensure that such members will be counted only once when SPJ staff calculates the number of delegates each chapter has at the convention.
    Read the amendment and the memo explaining them and join the discussion.

  • http://sites.roosevelt.edu/jmcclell John McClelland

    The student-related amendments seem to codify the sort of common sense some pro chapters have already been exercising. Student chapters, like the one at my small urban school, tend to come and go. Mixing pro and student members really makes sense in settings where there is not enough population base to sustain both separately, and even where there is enough, the lines are becoming more blurred between 18-22 year-olds, and older students, and young pros — and even us largely retired folks.

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