SPJ’s centennial year has begun with a Kick-off Reception in Region 6, at the nation’s oldest press club. More detailed and expansive celebratory activities are coming up on April 17th, at DePauw University, where it all started. There will be another Region 6 event on Friday, June 26, as Hubbard Broadcasting/KSTP-TV in Minneapolis receives a Historic Site in Journalism recognition plaque. Then August 27-29, at SPJ’s annual convention, there’ll be even more celebrating.

But there was also something appropriate about beginning this landmark year at the oldest press club in the western hemisphere, the Milwaukee Press Club. Several years ago I was present when then SPJ president David Carlson presented a Historic Site in Journalism plaque to the press club.

Members of the SPJ Executive Board were in town for a meeting and were joined by several members of the local chapter. Chapter president Brandon Lorenz gave a short report on the history of SPJ in Milwaukee. The chapter has an illustrious history, almost died out, but then was resurrected in the last couple of years. SPJ president Dave Aeikens also had some short remarks. Former SPJ Presidents Jean Otto and Dick Leonard, Milwaukee area residents, were not able to make the event because of weather conditions, it would have been great to hear from them also.

So the celebration has begun. Keep your party hats handy.

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