Conference Committee members needed

With the Region 4 conference place and date (University of Dayton, April 5-6) now locked in, I am looking for volunteers for the following positions:

  • Finance Chair — This person will oversee fundraising efforts, assemble the conference budget, pay the bills, distribute the proceeds, etc. Kevin Smith already has a lead on possible underwriters, but more are needed. If you are at ease with numbers and good at detail work, consider this position. (And if you know where to get money, let me know!!!)
  • Programming Chair — This person will help determine the theme of the conference, the panel topics and the panel members. I’ve already got ideas for a couple of possible key-noters. Nerissa Young (OU adviser and longtime R4 foot soldier) sent along a great list of possible topics to start the conversation.
  • Publicity/Marketing Chair — This chair will devise a “get-the-word out” strategy, using this blog, email blasts, snail mail, etc., with the help of the national staff.
  • Registration chair — This person will set up an Event Brite site for registration and push out info, working with the publicity committee, to get folks to sign up.
  • Contest chair — This person will handle the MOE presentation. My colleague, Sacha Bellman, very kindly agreed to coordinate the contest. (If she asks you to judge, say yes!!) So the contest chair will work with her on presenting the awards at the April 6 MOE lunch.

Committee members are needed for each chair too.

Let me know how you can help at or 513.529.5893.

BTW, once we’ve got a committee in place, I’d like to schedule one in-person meeting in December or January at UD.  We’ll coordinate efforts via email otherwise.

Thanks for considering this…. and be sure to save the date and spread the word so we can lots and lots of R4 members to Dayton in April.




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