Who’s who in Region 4

According to SPJ.org, Region 4 currently includes six professional chapters — Detroit, Mid-Michigan, Central Ohio, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Student chapters number 16, with two in Michigan, eight in Ohio, four in Pennsylvania and two in West Virginia. With efforts underway to create a new student chapter at Waynesville University in southeastern Pennsylvania, we’ll soon be at 23 chapters.

As I settle in as Region 4 director, I’d like to clean up our roster. Can you help by sending corrections to the list below? (Many of you are getting an email on this, too, but I thought I’d back it up here with a posting that I’ll revise with  your additions/deletions.) I especially need help gathering the names and email addresses of student chapter presidents.

Pro chapters

Detroit: Walter Middlebrook, president, wmiddlebrook@detnews.com.

Mid-Michigan: Melissa Anders, president, melissa.d.anders@gmail.com.

Central Ohio: Eric Lyttle, president, elyttle@theotherpaper.com.

Cleveland: Cheryl d’Mello, president, cheryldmello@hotmail.com.

Cincinnati: Alex Coolidge, president, acoolidge@enquirer.com.

Pittsburgh: Louis Florian, president, lfflorian@yahoo.com.

Student chapters:

Eastern Michigan University: Jim Pinson, adviser, james.pinson@emich.edu.

Michigan State University: Joe Grimm, adviser, joe.grimm@gmail.com.

Bowling Green State University: Mike Horning, adviser, mhornin@bgsu.edu.

Cleveland State University: Anup Kumar, adviser, akakumar@gmail.com.

John Carroll University: Carrie Buchanan, adviser, cbuchanan@jcu.com.

Miami University: Patricia Gallagher Newberry, adviser, newberpg@muohio.edu; Amanda Schumaker, president, schumaam@muohio.edu.

Ohio State University: Dan Caterinicchia, adviser, dan.cat@gmail.com; Alexis Preskar, president, preskar1@osu.edu.

Ohio University: Nerissa Young, adviser, youngn2@ohio.edu.

University of Cincinnati: Jenny Wohlfarth, adviser, jenny.wohlfarth@uc.edu.

University of Toledo: Paulette Kilmer, adviser, pkilmer@pop3.utoledo.edu.

California State University of Pennsylvania: Todd Carlisle, co-adviser, carlisle@cup.edu; Margo Wilson, co-adviser, wilson_m@cup.edu.

Duquesne University: Michael Dillon, adviser, email to come; Sarah Blaisdell, president, blaisdell@duq.edu.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania: David Loomis, adviser, iupspj@yahoo.com.

Point Park College: Helen Fallon, adviser, hfallon@ppc.edu.

Waynesburg University: Sarah Bell, president, bel7461@waynesburg.edu.

Marshall University: Hilary Groutage-Weible, adviser, weible5@marshall.edu.

West Virginia University: Tom Stewart, adviser, tom.stewart@mail.wvu.edu.

OK, journalists: Edit me!





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  • Carrie Buchanan

    Hi. I am indeed the John Carroll SPJ chapter adviser, but I would like my John Carroll email used for this list: it’s cbuchanan@jcu.edu

    We have not elected officers, so the listing is otherwise correct and complete.

    Carrie Buchanan
    John Carroll University

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