Kevin Z. Smith to visit Miami campus

About a million years ago — OK, 16 — Kevin Smith, SPJ’s national president in 2009-10, called to let me know Miami of Ohio was looking for a PTer to teach beginning newswriting. Now up the road at the University of Dayton, Kevin was then a member of Miami’s journalism faculty.

Recently back in Cincinnati after a brief foray into Chicago journalism, I was juggling some minor freelance assignments and child-rearing. A teaching gig for the fall of 1997 — albeit with no job security — sounded pretty good.

Sixteen years into the teaching biz — I’m now a senior lecturer in the Miami Journalism Program — I’m not sure I’ve ever properly thanked Kevin for that call. So here it is: Thanks.

Kevin, a long and faithful member of SPJ’s Ethics Committee, will do me another big favor Thursday when he lectures at my Ethics in Journalism class.  Students spent part of class on the excellent SPJ Ethics Web pages today working up questions. We’re ready for your visit, Mr. Smith.


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  • Mark Samenfink

    This is the sort of problem that, while annoying, is actually a good thing

  • chizwoz

    Haha you thought you’d only get 50. You have much to learn young padawan.

  • MAPBill

    That’s refreshing and reassuring. I hope it all goes well.

  • A thanks to all people making this happen!

  • bryoneill11

    So two judges are anon… *sigh* If Kotaku or Polygon win something this was all for nothing. They dont respect Koratzky or SPJ and still this guy talk shit about gamergate and defend these idiots. Nobody will respect us after this shit

  • Bill

    “Mano-a-mano” means “hand-to-hand” you monstrous hack.

    Obviously you should be fired for making this error. By yourself if necessary.

  • Vetarnias

    I wish you’d tell us *what* Ceb and his GG opponent disagreed about.

  • Vetarnias

    Well, it’s not as if he lived in a state with a large Spanish-speaking population, like Flor– oh.

  • SPJ AirPlay

    Wow, tough crowd. Can’t even make a little joke. Regardless, what do you want me to fire myself from? I don’t judge the Kunkels…

  • Bill

    Fire yourself from the internet, humor, or pies, whichever you like best.


  • chizwoz

    Looks like you’re running into the problem of the general tribalism that’s emerged in the industry.
    This is a problem. Some people are completely determined to think that everyone at Kotaku and Polygon is evil. I’ll admit I haven’t found anyone decent at Polygon but I like Stephen and Patrick at Kotaku and I think they’ve both done some good stuff.
    I think it’s a genuine concern though that if the award goes to someone who is equally tribal on the other “side”, they won’t actually see it as an incentive for better journalism, they’ll just see it as a win for their team. In other words, this seems to make the assumption that no-one has ever accidentally written something good, but is assumes everything good was written because of some, no matter how temporary, genuine journalistic intention. I’d call bullshit on that. It’s entirely possible for ideological hacks to accidentally do something great and have no idea why they did.


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