Chapter helps arrested journalist

Thanks to work by SPJ’s Northern California Pro chapter, cartoonist Susie Cagle was cleared of all charges following her arrest at the Occupy Oakland protest in November. Cagle credits the chapter’s letter to Oakland police chief Howard Jordan as the impetus that led to her charges being dropped. “Not the massive amount of media I did afterwards, or my tell-all article shared hundreds of times – it had to come directly across their desk.”

SPJ NorCal issued a letter to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and Chief Jordan condemning the arrest of Cagle during Occupy Oakland protests on Nov. 3. Cagle was arrested and held in custody for 15 hours despite displaying a press badge and  identifying herself as a journalist and despite the fact that an officer at the scene acknowledged his familiarity with her published work.

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  • Alan Kurtz

    Why does Susie Cagle keep insisting, as of January 10, 2012, that charges against her have NOT been dropped? Something smells fishy.!/susie_c/status/156783981352861697

  • Max Allstadt

    The reason Cagle says her charges haven’t been dropped is because they have not been dropped.

    I was arrested up occupy Oakland too, my charges have not been dropped either. Nobody I know of who was arrested at occupy Oakland has had their charges dropped.

    The DA is not actively prosecuting anybody at the moment, but instead is also not dropping charges, leaving everyone in a legal limbo until the statute of limitations on prosecution runs out. It’s almost like a creepy form of backdoor probation without trial.

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