2011 SPJ Contest Disqualified Categories

At least three entries must be submitted in each contest category for the entries to move on to judging. In the following categories, there were only one or two entries so the categories will be disqualified. Refunds will be issued in early June to contestants who submitted entries in these categories.

– Daily Newspapers < 25K circ. (A) – Headlines
– Daily Newspapers < 25K circ. (A) – Editorial Cartoon
– Daily Newspapers < 25K circ. (A) – Business Column
– Daily Newspapers 25,001-50K circ. (B) – Business Column
– Alt+Newsweeklies (D) – Criticism
– Alt+Newsweeklies (D) – Portrait Photography
– Online (G) – Best Site, Commentary
– Radio (H) – General Excellence
– Radio (H) – Photography-Online
– TV, 1-120 (I) – Spot News Reporting
– TV, 1-120 (I) – General Excellence
– TV, 121-210 (J) – General Excellence


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  • Robyn Davis Sekula

    That’s interesting, Andy. In your case, your dues do something specific. Ours do not. They were just going into our general account, and not really amounting to much, so we thought it was easier to eliminate those dues.
    One option would be to take a look at how much your dues are raising per year and find another way to raise that money – an event or something. But of course, that means you have to have an event, and as we all know, that’s a lot of work.
    We are a small chapter, and our membership has dropped like a rock in recent years. For us, this was an easy solution and a way to start rebuilding. I continue to monitor the list of folks who are members of SPJ in our area but not members of our chapter.
    Thanks for sharing.

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