And the Region 10 contest is live

Whew – it’s been a bit of a steep learning curve here, but we should be good to go. To enter the 2013 SPJ Region 10 Excellence in Journalism contest please visit

The categories and entry prices are the same as last year. The deadline is February 19 – please meet the deadline. Please.
Some of you have a three-day weekend coming up and the stuff you are submitting was already published – please don’t procrastinate.

We have a new contest coordinator. Her name is Lorna Walsh and she is a communications professional here in Spokane. She was one of a handful of people who were interested in the job, and we are looking forward to working with her.
For now, your best contact for contest questions is Regional Director Pia Hallenberg – reach her at

We received more than 2,000 entries last year and are excited to see what you will be sending us this year. Remember, only entries published and broadcast in 2013 are eligible.


The Region 10 Contest is coming your way -

- so now is a good time for you to start looking for contest entries, as I get things lined up with Omni and what have you.

The deadline this year is Feb. 19 at noon, PST. The website should be up and running by the weekend – I need to work out a few kinks, but we are almost there. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t start getting your ducks in a row.

As you consider which stories and pictures to submit this year and reflect on what it means to you to participate and perhaps win something, please consider giving back to SPJ by volunteering to judge some of the entries we will be receiving in the judge swap.

Email Regional Director Pia Hallenberg at to volunteer.

The results will be released on May 17 – and here’s some good news for those on the east side of Region 10: there will be an awards banquet in Spokane this year. It will be on May 24 and I really hope you will come and join us. Stay tuned for details.



Is it ever okay to hug the journalist?

Friend and Spokane freelance writer Jill Barville wrote an interesting blog post about whether it’s ever okay for a source to hug the journalist.

On her blog, 3Rs, she writes:

Once I overheard a fellow reporter say, “there are no hugs in journalism.” This gave me pause. During my career I’ve written about more topics than I can recall but they tend to fall in four basic categories: business, technology, health and people.

Business and technology interviews are always hug-free and most of the other interviews are as well, especially telephone interviews. Those never have hugs.

But some of the stories are much more personal than what company made the latest, greatest widget – the woman who was switched at birth in the hospital, the baby who received a bone marrow transplant, the recovering drug addict, the abused girlfriend, the survivor whose family was murdered, the mom who couldn’t afford Christmas presents.

Are feature stories more hug-inducing? Read the rest of Jill’s blog  post here:

And what do you think? Is it okay to hug the reporter?


Financial news and deputy sought

I would like to let you all know that the official Region 10 bank account has been moved over to US Bank – and it retains the signatures of yours truly and immediate past Region 10 director, Ian Marquand. On a beautiful fall trip to Helena, Montana, about 10 days ago, I signed the appropriate papers together with Ian and made the transaction. That took all of five minutes – after my six hour drive – and was followed by a great Montana steak dinner later in the evening.

As I mentioned at our regional meeting at the Anaheim convention, I will be looking for a deputy regional director to help me take care of business and the contest. Volunteers can email me at – I’m in Spokane, but the deputy doesn’t necessarily have to be nearby as long as he or she is in Region 10, of course.

Enjoy your weekends out there.


Here’s the updated 2012 SPJ Region 10 awards booklet

Per request – here’s the final edition of the awards booklet from this spring 2012 Region X Awards Booklet FINAL 9-13


Happy hump day, Region 10

I’m your newly elected Region 10 director, I work fulltime at The Spokesman-Review, and I’ve been involved with SPJ since 1996 when I was a journalism student at Eastern Washington University.
I give SPJ credit for how I landed my very first job at The Inlander, because I had already met the people who decided to hire me back in 1998 at several SPJ programs #ReasonToJoinSPJ
Over the years I’ve put on a ton of programs, lectures, cocktail hours and spring conferences – we had a great spring conference here in Spokane in April – and I’ve attended national conventions in almost every part of the country, where I’ve met amazing people and learned lots #ReasonToJoinSPJ
Now, I’m uncertain to what the purpose is of this blog – except it’s a way for me to communicate with a geographically huge region without starting an email storm. I suppose the purpose will become clear?
I would LOVE to hear from you, Region 10ers, whenever you have programs or meetings or gatherings, no matter where you are in the region. Let’s share program announcements – getting together with our peers is another #ReasonToJoinSPJ
The best way to reach me is via email:
You can follow my not very active Twitter here:

And join my much more active Facebook here:
I’ve also claimed a Region 10 Facebook page here – – it’s in its virgin state. Please like it so we can have a central place of communication. (Those of you who already belong to the Region 10 Facebook group: please consider migrating to the fan page – creating a group page was a tactical mistake)

All the best – Hope your hump day is a good one.


Updated Contest Awards Book; How to Order Duplicates

Congratulations again to all the award winners in the 2012 SPJ Region Ten Excellence in Journalism contest. Since the awards were announced two weeks ago, we’ve added some additional names of people who deserve recognition for their work but weren’t named in the original entry information. We’ve also made a couple of corrections. Check out the revised list:

 SPJ 2012 Awards Book (Revised) 

If you need a duplicate award, here’s what you should do:

For a First Place lucite–call Athletic Awards Co. in Seattle at 1-800-679-1990 (local number 206-624-3995) and ask for Tim. You will be responsible for the cost of creating the duplicate and for shipping.

For a Second Place or Third Place certificate, contact Dana Neuts at She’ll let you know the cost of getting the duplicate.

Any other inquiries should come to Ian Marquand at


SPJ Pres. Sonny Albarado: Shame & the Shield Law

In recent weeks, Shield Law legislation has been revived and SPJ is ready to take a stand to protect reporters and the public. Here’s an update from SPJ President Sonny Albarado to tell us what that means and how we can all help.

You can find additional resources here.



Congratulations to our award winners!

Congratulations to all of the outstanding award winners in the 2012 SPJ Northwest Excellence in Journalism Contest. This annual contest honors the very best in journalism in SPJ’s Region 10 which includes Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. This year’s contest covers work produced or published in 2012 within our region.

We received more than 1,900 entries from more than 260 news outlets and journalists representing Daily Newspapers (small, mid-sized and large dailies), Non-Daily Newspapers, Alternative Newsweeklies, Magazines, TV (two market sizes), Radio and Online.

Those entries were submitted to judges across the United States – Cincinnati, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas City and Missouri – to choose our finalists in almost 185 categories. Those winners were honored on Saturday, May 18 in ceremonies in Portland and Seattle. The William O. Douglas chapter will be presenting its awards on May 22.

Please join us in congratulating our winners!

–> 2012 SPJ NW Excellence in Journalism Contest Winners <–

Ian Marquand
, Regional Director
Dana Neuts, National SPJ Secretary/Treasurer


P. S.   For those who want to order duplicate awards or request corrections, we’ll post that info. next week.



Fellowship opportunity–but only for this weekend!

Sorry for the late notice on this; my fault.

-Ian Marquand


The European Union Center of Excellence is proud to present:

2013 EU-Northwest Journalist Fellowship:
Application deadline extended to May 19

The European Union Center of Excellence is pleased to announce an opportunity for Pacific Northwest journalists eager to learn about and report on current developments in the European Union.

Launched in 2009, the EU-Northwest Journalist Fellowship provides the selected print or broadcast journalist the opportunity to spend a week in Brussels, the European Union’s dynamic capital, learning about the EU and pressing issues affecting European integration and transatlantic relations. The program also affords journalists the chance for research and interviews for later print or broadcast.

Professional journalists from the US Pacific Northwest and Northern California are eligible to apply. Applicants should have at least three years’ experience in media, and must demonstrate how their reporting would benefit from exposure to the European Union. In addition to the above criteria, the selection committee will give preference to applicants who propose projects which highlight links between Europe and the Pacific Northwest, and who can demonstrate a greater likelihood of having their resulting reporting published or broadcast.

Applicants for the fellowship should submit a CV and cover letter/project proposal to the EU Center of Excellence no later than May 19, 2013. Applicants should also submit two examples of their work published or broadcast in the last two years. Application materials should be sent electronically to the EU Center of Excellence at or by mail to:

EU Center of Excellence
Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195

The journalist for the fellowship will receive round-trip economy class airfare to Brussels, plus a living allowance of $2,000. Travel will be arranged by the EU Center of Excellence and the stay in Brussels must be started by August 31, 2013. The staff of the EU Center will provide the award recipient with travel and logistical advice for Brussels, while the EU Delegation in Washington can help arrange meetings with EU officials as requested.

Upon their return, awardees will be invited to give an informal talk to students at the University of Washington about their time in Brussels, what they learned, and how the experience has influenced their perspective on Europe and European integration.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to
Phil Shekleton or Eva Dunn at

You are receiving this email because you are affiliated with the European Union Center of Excellence. If you have received this message in error or no longer wish to receive communications from the European Union Center, please click “Unsubscribe” below.


Our mailing address is:

Our telephone:

For more information about this and other EUC events, please visit our website:

Copyright (C) 2013 European Union Center of Excellence. All rights reserved.


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