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Kansas City Press Club Heart of America Awards
On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Kansas City Press Club’s annual Heart of America awards. Journalists from across the area came to the Brio Tuscan to honor their peers’ successes and receive an award or two.
I was impressed by the event’s turnout. Organizers saw journalists from Columbia, Springfield and other news markets not in the immediate KC area. Watching the room of reporters, editors and producers applaud each win reminded me how fantastic our profession can be at its best.
Kansas City Heart of America awards
While we journalists have a healthy sense of competition, we also champion the work of our peers. When another station or paper gets a fantastic scoop, we devour that story and learn from it.
Our attitude toward other journalists reminds me of something I think the late Harold Ramis said about Second City performers on the Ghostbusters DVD commentary. (It’s been a while since I listed to it, so if this is inaccurate — mea culpa)
In the commentary, I remember him saying Second City performers help each other with jokes and deliveries. To paraphrase, comedy wasn’t me-centric with the group, it was a team-effort.
Kansas City Press Club Heart of America Awards
Journalism, similarly, is a team effort. And when we work together and fill in the gaps in coverage, society as a whole benefits from that team-effort.

Congratulations to all the winners in the Heart of America awards. I’m looking forward to seeing who wins in 2015.

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