5 Tools to Increase Your Productivity

by Victoria Reitano

My favorite recommendation for people who feel they “don’t have enough time” is Laura Vanderkam’s “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think”. This book helped me realize how much time I was wasting during the day and how I could spend that time doing things that would help my career.

Think of your career like your body – if you want to live a long and healthy life, you have to workout and eat the right foods, right? Same thing with your career. Now, I’m not saying feed your career a Kale-Celery-Apple Smoothie once a week, but I am saying that you need to think about how you continue to increase your marketability while working your current job and living your life.

The Daily Muse/Levo League

These aren’t “tools” as much as great sources of articles around succeeding in your career. Both The Daily Muse and Levo League have newsletters, Twitter feeds (and some pretty great Instagram feeds as well), Facebook pages and update their sites daily.

Google Chrome

I love Google Chrome because you can login with your Gmail and have access to all your Google products on all your devices. You can also share tabs between devices if you enable syncing. (Enable the syncing.)


Google Drive and Dropbox are, essentially, the same thing – they both hold docs, photos and other content in the “cloud” for you to access on different devices, but I think Dropbox has a cleaner interface. I started using it so much that I actually pay for it. This is something to evaluate as you move forward,  you may find that Drive may be enough for you.

Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, BufferApp

Automating your social media posts (not all of them, but some) definitely help you save time throughout the day. I even do this when I’m on vacation so my accounts don’t die (unless I take a self-imposed Digital Detox, like the one I wrote about in last month’s Quill. If you install the BufferApp extension on Chrome, you can actually save Tweets and share them later on via the extension.


I like Pocket as a way to save articles to read later. The cool thing about this is that you can access them on any device AND you can read these articles without any ads. It’s a very quick and clean way to catch up on your digital reading during your commute or over breakfast with your tablet.

How do you stay productive and still live your life? Share your tips with me, #GenJ @Giornalista515.

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  • PeterBoshka

    I would also add free team productivity tools like Bitrix24 to the list, because most great personal productivity tools aren’t very good for groupwork.

  • Marco Fiunno

    Great list, thank you for sharing. I would like to add two more: Kanban Tool (for group projects) and Evernote (for individuals).


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