How do You Create Work Life Balance, Lynn Walsh?

Article Written By: Lynn Walsh

The always hard to figure out balance between work and life. I am constantly working to get there, but seem to keep finding new weights added the scales.

While I continue to figure it out, the one thing I have learned is that is important and even if I cannot master it (yet) trying is the only way I will get there.

Here are three quick tips that have helped me better create somewhat of a balance:

  • Nudgemail: I guarantee this will bring any email stress/pressure you may have down significantly. Even better: it’s FREE and so easy! Whether it is work or your social life, you receive e-mails or send e-mails that need to be followed up on. Well instead of keeping it in the back of your mind and trying to remember, just forward the e-mail to Nudgemail. All you have to do is set the date you want to be reminded in the subject, you can even set a time.

  • Turn off your e-mail: Yes, I said it. It is OK. If you are like me you probably feel as if this is career and social suicide, but after giving it a go during certain important weekends in my life, I have learned it helps. I used to constantly check my e-mails: waiting for my workout class to start, waiting to meet a friend for lunch, even while waiting to get the bartender’s attention while out for a drink. Not anymore. When the weekend requires my attention and the people involved deserve ALL of my attention (friend’s weddings, brother graduation) I turn it off. This helps me live in the now and really enjoy quality time with people that are important in my life.

  • Use “Do Not Disturb”: This is an iPhone feature I have been using for about six months and it really has made a difference. You may have been putting your phone on silent for a while not, but with the “Do Not Disturb” feature you not only are not interrupted by sounds or vibrations but also by any kind of alers, like when the screen lights up. It also allows you to set it so that calls from people on your “Favorites” list will come through. And you can set it up so repeat calls from the same person within three minutes also will ring. I use this feature at night at times and while I am working on something that requires a lot of focus, so I am not disturbed.

Lynn Walsh in the Investigative Producer at WPTV, NewsChannel 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida. She loves holding the powerful accountable and spends more time than she would like fighting for access to public information. Follow her on Twitter, @LWalsh and on Tumblr:

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