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Freelancers: Feedback needed on pay rates for Writers Market survey

The 2011 edition of Writers Market, an essential for many freelance writers, is seeking data for its annual Freelance Rate Survey.

Download the survey here (savable PDF document).

According to an e-mail by those compiling the data:

“Confidentiality is assured. Freelancers can remain anonymous by downloading the file, filling it out & putting it in an envelope with NO return address. Send to Lynn Wasnak, PO Box 2639, Cincinnati, OH 45201-2639.”

For questions, e-mail Lynn Wasnak.

Signs of life?

MIN Online reports that 50 magazines saw ad page increases for their January 2010 issues versus their January 2009 issues. That’s only a third of major consumer magazines, but after a year where only 10 magazines saw ad pages rise, perhaps we’re seeing the beginnings of a better year.

Legal whack for freelancers?

Are freelancers in fact employees? John Sisson, a freelance writer based in Massachusetts, was told by a client that it would no longer hire him to do work for it because of a change in Massachusetts employment law that would open it to being sued. The law was meant to protect workers who were being misclassified as non-employees, denying them benefits. But Sisson’s client, Pearson Education, decided the law could be interpreted more broadly, and decided to avoid potential issues. Sisson says freelancers need to check on their own state laws to see if they, too, are in danger of losing work. Sisson writes about the issue in his blog, misclassified.


RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ — As a seasoned freelance writer with a background in business journalism, Maya Payne Smart knows it’s a jungle out there for self-employed freelancers. Which is why she founded, an online business service designed to help freelancers make a profit, even in today’s economy.

“Despite what you may be hearing, it is possible to make a healthy income as a freelance writer – even during a recession,” said Smart, who worked for Crain’s Cleveland Business before striking out on her own three years ago. “There are writing jobs out there that pay very well… but you need to know where to find them and how to demand the fee your work is worth.” offers a program of monthly teleclasses and webinars to help writers tackle the tough issues beyond creative ideas and good writing – how to find good clients, market your talents, pitch story ideas, negotiate contracts, manage your cash flow and more. On Dec. 10, Smart and Marcia Layton Turner of present “The 7 Secrets to Profitable Freelancing in a Recession,” a coaching session jammed with practical info, ready-to-use skills and reliable resources with one goal in mind – to empower freelance writers and help them make more money. Teleclass details are available at

“Think of this as a business school for freelancers at a fraction of the price,” said Smart, who keeps class prices at an affordable $29 to appeal to even beginning freelancers. “Our focus is on what it takes to be profitable,” she said. “Go on any journalism listserv and you will find writers griping about more competition and smaller fees. It’s true, publishing has changed – but it’s our job to figure out how to tap new markets, work efficiently, and make better use of our time and resources.”

Geared to freelancers of all types, from established writers looking to boost sales to recently laid-off journalists new to the freelance world, is:

— Convenient – the site provides critical information, when and where you need it

— Practical – simple and effective information and techniques that you can apply to your business and your life

— Affordable – “business school for freelancers” at a fraction of the price

— Empowering – tools and information to help you advance your career, achieve your goals, and enjoy your success

“The Dec. 10 teleclass provides tips and tactics from two writers who are thriving,” said Smart. “We’re ready to share what works so you can be confident and succeed as a freelance writer.”


Founded by Maya Payne Smart, gives journalists and authors the information and business skills they need to build the businesses they want.


  Maya Payne Smart
  804-368-1614 ext. 2

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