SPJ Diversity Committee meeting highlights

SPJ diversity committee meeting highlights, Indianapolis Aug. 28, 2009
Present: Georgiana Vines, Sally Lehrman, Irwin Gratz, Reginald Stuart, Robert Moran, Holly Edgell, Pueng Vongs, chair

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing how to meet a primary goal in SPJ’s strategic plan which is to incorporate diversity across the board in SPJ.

Action items:
— Work with Scott Leadingham to indentify more diversity issues in the press and speed up the turnaround time in writing press releases. Organize conference call on the issues.

— Curtis Lawrence and I will submit a proposal to revive and fund the Diversity Leadership Program. It has resulted in greater diversity presence on the board: Holly Edgell, George Daniels as regional directors. Pueng Vongs as diversity chair. Feb 2010 is the projected deadline for the SDX proposal.

— Follow up on leads with AAJA and CNN and CBS from the Unity meeting to do trainings: multimedia, career transitioning, personal branding. Work with Holly Egell who is involved in centralizing journalists’ toolbox resources. Continue offering these trainings to ethnic media as well. Georgiana and Sally also talked about the need to create a cheat sheet on the diversity offerings whenever SPJ trainers from various committees go on the road.

— There were many concerns about the lack of diversity programming at this year’s convention. We must reapply ourselves next year to gain more programs.

— Rainbow sourcebook. Exploring ways to keep it updated. We are limited in staff and funding. We plan to talk to the Maynard Institute about a co-branded sourcebook. Need to make a recommendation to SPJ board

— Follow up with Hagit about her ties with NABJ president and how we can work with NABJ more closely.

— Work more closely with at large regional directors to pitch in on some of our initiatives.

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