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Community election results

Recently, the SPJ communities held rounds of elections for their new executive. These communities play an integral part in the future of the SPJ and the volunteers and organizers have shown great dedication not to their community, but also SPJ’s mission.

The winners are as follows:

Freelance: Chair: Anna Pratt Vice Chair: Michelle Sandlin At-Large Directors: Jennifer Karchmer and Susan Valot Secretary: Michael Fitzgerald Membership and Outreach Coordinator: Ellen Eldridge Resources Coordinator: Hazel Becker Events Coordinator: Amy Pritchart

Digital: Co-Chair, Programming and Strategy: Taylor Mirferendereski Co-Chair, Interactive and Social Media: Beth O’Malley Twitter Coordinator: Hilary Powell

Generation J: Communications: Andie Adams

International: Co-Chairs: Dan Kubiske and Elle Toussi

The community journalism community was exempt from these elections because of their recent formation at EIJ, and there were no candidates for the student community. Continue reading

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We have a new community!

On Monday, at the final board meeting of EIJ in Orlando, the SPJ Board approved the formation of a community journalism community.

This community is going to examine issues surrounding journalists in urban, rural and suburban communities, helping community journalists and gain strength from other members. The community journalism community becomes the sixth in SPJ’s community network, and is being led by Al Cross, a former SPJ president and Director of the Institute on Rural Journalism and Community Issues at the University of Kentucky. Continue reading

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Why communities need members like you

A little over a year ago, I created the second community within the SPJ’s growing network of communities – SPJ Digital. While the community looked at the influence of social media and the web on journalism, we shared a similar goal with our colleagues in the Freelance community – to help not just contribute to the conversation about the future of journalism, but to make sense of it all for our members, and help them find the right path. Continue reading

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You, the communities and your SPJ

[caption id="attachment_146" align="alignright" width="269"] Communities like SPJ Digital are helping to build SPJ’s future, and there is always room for more.[/caption]

It started with an email.

A year ago this week, I began the process of getting a community together on social media and digital journalism. That community would become SPJ Digital, which began its work in July and would be approved by the Board of Directors at their call in August. It would become the second community in a network committed to serve the industry it loves, and the people who work in it. Continue reading

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SPJ Generation J: Our Next Chapter

Hi Everyone!

If you didn’t already know or had met me at EIJ14, my name is Claudia Amezcua the current SPJ Generation J Chair for almost a year now.  Since returning from Nashville to Los Angeles, i’ve spent some time enjoying the summer weather in the fall and countless hours in traffic letting everything the Gen J Committee aim to accomplish next year into perspective.

Our goals:

We want to broaden the reach of our committee to include journalists of all career levels. Continue reading