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Rebecca Baker Reflects on World Journalism Conference in Seoul

After traveling more than 6,000 miles to attend the World Journalists Conference in South Korea, I was prepared for culture shock. I was prepared to hear about the wide-ranging experiences journalists face in far-flung countries. I was prepared to hear stories far different from my own.      What I wasn’t prepared for was learning how journalists around the world are all dealing with the same things: Layoffs and cutbacks. Concern about career opportunities. Annoying bosses and bureaucratic corporate culture. Continue reading

Net Worked | April 25th, 2017 | #
Twitter Chat: “Clicks vs. Quality” on April 25

With the pressure to produce more content and the influx of viral stories across the web, what does it take for newsrooms to invest in journalism that stands out? How do journalists fight for more time to work on quality pieces and less time chasing clickbait? How do managers make those key digital content decisions?

We’ll address these topics and more in our next #SPJDigiChat on April 25, 2017 from 8-9 PM EST.

Join us for “Clicks vs. Continue reading

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Ethics by algorithm

Facebook needs to be more open about its work to help journalism thrive. (Photo: Pixabay)

Facebook’s annual F8 conference began today in San Jose, California. F8 is a two-day conference designed to examine and look ahead to new features for developers and other parties who want to use the social network as part of their work.

The business of journalism and the business of social media have been synonymous. As I wrote on this blog last month, content is king, and with benefits also came questions, notably that of the algorithm, and how it judges the content that users see. Continue reading

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Let’s talk about ethics

We should talk about ethics, not just on the days of Ethics Week, but every day. (Photo: SPJ)

Next Monday (April 24th) begins Ethics Week, an annual event here at SPJ that looks at the role of ethics in journalism, why the Society’s own Code of Ethics is important – and to explore its four key principles – seek truth and report it, minimize harm, and be accountable and transparent.

This year’s observance of Ethics Week comes at an interesting time for journalism – a time where the digital age is challenging the industry and trust between journalists and the public continues to decline. Continue reading