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Social media discourse: Don’t feed the trolls

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Monday, the 16th. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come to this community, just outside Halifax in the eastern part of the country, for a town hall with members of the public to discuss various aspects of policy, as well as the future.

In line is Erin Moore, a journalism instructor at Nova Scotia Community College, and her 7 year old son, Oliver. Her students are inside covering the town hall for an assignment.  Continue reading

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A public connection

Bush House, the former home of the BBC World Service in London, where nightly broadcasts became a comfort for the author. (Photo: Nigel Cox/CC license)

It was a night in Spring 2009, just before 1am. The house was quiet as my mom and sister tried to sleep. In my room, I found myself awake because of insomnia, stemming from treatment of a trifecta of illness that kept me from attending high school. I tuned the dial on my radio, volume low so not to wake them, to stumble upon WBEZ, the NPR station in Chicago, doing its top of the hour station ID. Continue reading

The Independent Journalist | January 10th, 2017 | #, #
Some encouragement for freelancers as we head into 2017

For many independent journalists I know, it’s discouraging to see the continuing string of newsroom layoffs that began in late 2016, including those announced by Dow Jones and Gannett in October that put hundreds of journalists out of work. Freelancers worry about the flood of laid-off staffers pouring into an already crowded job market. Yet, without a place for all these newspeople, we risk losing dedicated journalists at exactly the time when their energy is most needed to weather ongoing upheaval in our industry. Continue reading

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Twitter, authenticity and the audience

The record in the background is one with a driving rock, sort of punk sound, with vocal elements that echoes a sound nearly similar to that of the British rapper The Streets. Not too far away, a visual recording is taking place.

“Today, we’re kinda channeling a little carbon silicon – a little big audio dynamite.”

That is how Jade, who presents the weekday 10am-2pm CT program on 89.3 The Current, the music service of Minnesota Public Radio, begins to discuss one of their songs of the day this past week – TCR by the band Sleaford Mods. Continue reading