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Why am I here?

Victoria Blake

As part of Generation J’s ongoing series of guest essays, Victoria Blake of Tarleton State University looks back at the path that led her to journalism.

Recently, I was asked to write a few questions for a class that included some practice interview questions. One of the questions I created was, “Why did you pick journalism?” I had some time to reflect on this and thought about where I was three years ago.

At that time, I was considering astrophysics or mechanical engineering.I found the idea of searching for improvements in technology interesting. Continue reading

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The importance of truth in the social age

The Guardian’s offices in London. Its editor C.P. Scott promoted the pursuit of truth, saying: “Comment is free, but facts are sacred.” (Photo: Bryantbob/Wikimedia Commons under CC)

As the world of social media has evolved, so too has the dissemination and the curation of journalism, from how we inform and engage our audiences to how we enhance the stories that we tell. Every day, we find ourselves flocking to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other places to help tell these stories, to enhance our crafts, and to reach our audiences in new ways. Continue reading

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Simple yet essential

When producing journalism, the most simple ethics rules are the most important to remember. (Photo: Pixabay)

As we prepare for careers in this ever changing media landscape, some of the most quintessential things to remember can be items that can easily be taken for granted. In this digital age we find ourselves in a competitive environment, trying to be the first to get the story to audiences, through as many platforms as possible, be it either social media or conventional means (radio, television or the web). Continue reading

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Join the SPJ Digital Executive Board

We love having you as a member of SPJ Digital, and we want you to help us lead it!  Join the SPJ Digital executive board to make key decisions about the group’s future and our programs.


NOMINATIONS: The deadline to announce your candidacy for one of the following positions is this Friday, October 21, 2016 at 5 p.m. EST. You must submit a 200 word explanation of why you are running and what you will bring to the office you’re running for to SPJ Digital co-chairs and Continue reading

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Alastair Cooke: Transatlantic storyteller

Alistair Cooke, the journalist and long time presenter of Masterpiece Theatre. (Photo: Marion S. Trikosko/Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons under CC)

The idea for it came from a connection — a desire to bring Britain and the United States “closer together in understanding and affection.”

The program was Letter from America, which was first broadcast 70 years ago. The idea came from Alistair Cooke, known to many Americans as one of the presenters of the long running PBS program Masterpiece Theatre, produced at WGBH in Boston. Continue reading

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Querying fact checking

At NPR’s headquarters in Washington, its fact-checking transcript generated significant interest from audiences online. (Photo: Stephen Voss/NPR)

Geopolitics has been at the epicenter of the news the past few months, from the news of Britain’s referendum on leaving the European Union with a new Prime Minister, and the diplomatic conversations surrounding the conflict in Syria, to the closely watched campaigns for elections for president of the United States.

As the 8th of November nears, a subject that has been debated is that of fact-checking, and what role it should have in the context of modern political journalism. Continue reading