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Why bookstores are paradise for journalists

Bookstores, including the Strand Bookstore in New York, are beneficial to journalists and aspiring storytellers. (Photo: Beyond My Ken/Wikimedia Commons)

Recently, an independent bookseller in Minneapolis launched a Kickstarter campaign to open a bookstore. Milkweed Editions is known within the Twin Cities literary community as an independent bookseller, and announced their plans to exist in the form of a gallery.

Bookstores and journalism have recently been subjected to speculation on their futures, as the digital age allows us to be accustomed to accessing information and material in new ways. Continue reading

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The world and its stories

The New York Times is trying to increase its readership outside the US, which may have long-term effects beyond engagement. (Photo: alextorrenegra/Flickr)

Recently, The New York Times did something rather interesting when it came to its coverage of the forthcoming presidential elections. It assigned a foreign correspondent to cover them, allowing for not just an interesting way to cover these elections, but also an indication of trends in media and how they will impact storytelling overall. Continue reading

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All The President’s Men and their ethics

January 20, 1973 — Inauguration Day in Washington.

In the newsroom of The Washington Post, reporters discuss stories while Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward sit and type at their desks. Simultaneously, televisions in the newsroom air the scene of Richard Nixon being sworn in for his second term as President of the United States.

Woodward and Bernstein’s reporting had been the subject of national attention leading up to the final moments of the 1972 campaign for the Watergate Scandal, a scandal that would see Nixon’s resignation in 1974. Continue reading

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A Moment for journalism

Twitter’s roll-out of Moments to everyone provides significant opportunities for journalists and news organizations to engage with their audience. (Photo: Pixabay)

It was announced last week that Twitter plans to roll out Moments, its program that features content from news organizations and others, to everyone. Introduced last October, it was designed to help engage users on the social network and to attract new users, something that chief executive Jack Dorsey has been trying to do since he took over as CEO from Dick Costolo last year. Continue reading

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A couple of job openings in Singapore and UAE

Top News Editor, Asia Thomson Reuters Singapore

Qatar Correspondent – TR Construction Thomson Reuters Dubai, United Arab Emirates Continue reading

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Supporting women studying journalism

Recent studies show that more women are studying journalism around the world, including in London, than men. (Photo: Pixabay)

Beginning in a few weeks, students will transition back to educational life at university — some for the first time, as others return to continue, or complete, their degrees. This also holds true in the case of those studying journalism. But as classes resume, the industry as a whole continues to change, and many students are wondering about their prospects, and if their degree will pay off. Continue reading

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Georgia SPJ’s freelance board on the rise with new chair

Guest blogger: Rebekah Fuchko

As all freelance journalists know, there is something they need in spades in order to be successful: a strong passion for what they do. Freelance journalism has its challenges, so you have got to be able to stick it out. That being said, the rewards can be great, and the freedom it gives you is appealing to many. Mark Woolsey, the new chair for the Society of Professional Journalists Georgia chapter freelance committee, has a lot of experience in this area. Continue reading

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The need for journalism

Last night, John Oliver used humor to make a point about the future of this industry.

A portion of his HBO program Last Week Tonight was devoted to a look at journalism, and the future of newspapers, amidst the decline of advertising revenue. In a near 20 minute segment, Oliver examined the case for journalism, through a monologue and a satirical skit of the film Spotlight, and how the direction of newspapers and other aspects of the industry will dictate how journalism is conducted moving forward. Continue reading

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A transparent Facebook

Facebook should appoint a public editor for the interests of not just news organizations, but audiences. (Photo: Pixabay)

It has become a common theme for Facebook in the past few weeks. Another day comes, and with it comes another change to its algorithm.

The most recent change came this week, when the social network announced its plans to combat clickbait by examining headlines of articles. Some types of headlines would be considered clickbait, including, according to a blog post on its corporate web site, those headlines that are misleading or withhold specific aspects of information. Continue reading