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Prejudice: One of the outcomes of censorship

This article was first posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World.

China Digital Times pulled a great item from an interview with Chinese publisher Bao Pu and writers Guo Xiaolu and Hao Qun (who goes by the pen name Murong Xuecun) from the June 3 issue of Foreign Policy.

The blockage of the Internet by the Chinese government means, said the authors and publisher, that people are not getting enough information to make rational decisions.

[R]elatively few people actually bypass censored information on the Internet. Continue reading

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Web Editor Needed in Cambodia

From GlobalJobs

Web Editor

The Cambodia Daily Location Phnom Penh, Cambodia Sector Commercial Experience Early Career / Mid Career Position description

Manage the global presence of Cambodia’s most trusted newspaper. Engage an expanding online readership in hard-hitting coverage of current events in a rapidly changing country.

Required Education, Experience & Skills:

Bachelor’s degree or higher in journalism or related field Working knowledge of WordPress, HTML and basic CSS; JavaScript and PHP a plus Experience promoting content through social media and SEO Strong writing ability with a sharp eye for syntax, grammar and punctuation Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-stress environment

Duties & Responsibilities:

Update the English-language website every morning Grow online audience through Facebook and Twitter; increase subscriber base Monitor analytics and compile regular reports that identify strengths and weaknesses of web strategy Design multimedia features such as and Report and write stories as time allows Produce data visualizations and report data stories as time allows Monitor digital subscriptions and online advertising Application instructions

If interested, email a CV and cover letter to or submit them to The Cambodia Daily office, #7, Street 228, Phnom Penh. Continue reading

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Why we must support women in journalism

At a meeting at the United Nations in New York earlier this year on gender equality, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared to the world that he was a proud feminist, and would keep repeating it “until it was met with a shrug.”

Trudeau, who had only been in office for a few months, had already received global attention for his appointment of a gender-neutral cabinet – 50 percent women, 50 percent men. His declaration went viral, circulating through global Facebook and Twitter feeds, and made headlines in publications internationally. Continue reading

The Independent Journalist | July 5th, 2016 | #
The risks and rewards of meaningful freelance journalism

Guest blogger: Cirien Saadeh

I recently made the decision to become a full-time freelance journalist after several years of working as a part-time community journalist. Despite having been lucky enough to work in newsrooms in the past, serve on the board of directors of other organizations, and assistant teach journalism classes on the college-level, I’ve always felt like an aspiring journalist. Journalism is something I grew up wanting to do, something I imagined as a young girl, and something I’m so very excited about now. Continue reading

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Education: A global value

WGBH’s studios in Boston, whose mission was summarized as helping people cope with the world and their own lives. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

In the 1970s and 1980s, the public broadcasting station WGBH in Boston began and ended its day with the airing of a small montage, telling viewers in New England about its role.

In that montage was a simple summary of its mission: “Our purpose is to help you cope better with the world and your own life.”

For WGBH, it applied not just to their viewers in Boston and throughout New England, but through the programs it produced nationally, either through PBS or its partnership with public radio distributor PRI. Continue reading

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Facebook, an updated algorithm and journalism

Facebook’s algorithm changes have caused a debate for news organizations. (Photo: Pixabay)

Facebook this week announced plans to implement another change within its algorithm. Yet, these changes would have further implications on the social network’s relationship with journalism.

Facebook said it would be changing the algorithm to place more of a focus on content from a user’s friends and family, which as a result would see content from publishers and news organizations appear prominently less in other news feeds. Continue reading

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The social audience

Social media has the potential to help news organizations engage with younger audiences. (Photo: Pixabay)

Recently, Dr. Talia Stroud, the director of the Engaging News Project based at the University of Texas at Austin, wrote about a study looking at the role of gender and age in consuming news in the social media and mobile age.

In that post, examining the Mobile-First News report from the Miami based Knight Foundation and the ratings agency Nielsen, Stroud wrote about how women and younger audiences are more likely to engage with news on social media and mobile devices. Continue reading