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Transparency and military sales

Transparency International just issued a report on military sales into the Middle East. (Transparency International: Mideast and North African Military Corruption “Critical”)

The report notes the massive sales by Western countries is worsening many of the region’s conflicts.

Many of the 17 countries listed in the report are already notoriously corrupt, and increasing military spending without adequate oversight, the report states, means defense budgets are not being spent to meet countries’ strategic needs, weapons are increasingly trafficked over porous borders and the governments’ domestic legitimacy — already battered by 2011’s revolts — are further undermined. Continue reading

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STORIFY: SPJ Digital Chat ” When Worlds Collide”

SPJ Digital hosted its first Twitter chat on Oct. 21, 2015.

Click here for more. 

Continue reading

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Visas used to harass journalists

Visas are basically applications to enter a country.

The most common visa is for tourism. Brazilians coming to Florida to visit Disney World. Americans going to Xian to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers. And so on…

And then there are specialty visas.

If a person is coming to the States for just a few days for business — to attend a conference, attend company meetings, participate in corporate training — the visa is straight forward and is included in the same category as a tourism visa. Continue reading

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Community elections are happening!

Elections for SPJ’s Digital, Freelance, Generation J, Students and International communities are coming up!

Members of the communities will receive a ballot next Monday, October 26th. Voting will be open until 5pm ET on Friday, November 6th. In order to vote, you must be a member of the community that you are voting in as well as a member of SPJ.

The SPJ Community Journalism community is exempt from these elections because of their recent formation and approval at EIJ. Continue reading

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Social media event in New York City

From Elle Toussi, our colleague in the International Community – emailed to us for interest for members in the New York City area:

Hello everyone!

Wanted to share an event for those of you in the NY area. There is a talk taking place with Sam Razi at Columbia University at the Pulitzer Hall Stabile Student Center on Tuesday, Oct. 20 from 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

A quick bio about Sam:

Sam Razi is the founder of Iran News Now on Twitter and CEO of Pressimus Media Inc., a social live-publishing platform for journalists and news organizations. Continue reading

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Join the SPJ Digital Executive Board

We love having you as a member of SPJ Digital, and we want you to help us lead it!  Join the SPJ Digital executive board to make key decisions about the group’s future and our programs.

The deadline to announce your candidacy for one of the following positions is this Friday, October 10, 2015. You must submit a 200 word explanation of why you are running and what you will bring to the office you’re running for to SPJ Digital co-chairs and Continue reading

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Human Trafficking: It’s Not Just An Overseas Thing

Local reporters looking for a story that links the rest of the world with Main Street should pay attention to the growing atrocity of human trafficking.

“You say human trafficking, and people think…international cabal, organized crime, kids coming from Southeast Asia in cages. That’s not what it is,” says Montgomery County (MD) Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Mays, who has prosecuted numerous sex trafficking cases in recent years. “Most of it is homegrown guys who are exploiting vulnerable women and children in their own communities, or traveling them around, up and down the East Coast.” — Human Trafficking in Montgomery County, Bethesda Magazine

According to the Polaris Project, a group that helps victims of trafficking, sex trafficking accounts for 71 percent of the calls to their hotline. Continue reading

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Facebook and the second screen experience

Facebook is trying to create a unique second screen experience, and hopes its partnership with CNN can give it a huge boost. (Photo: Pixabay)

Editor’s note: This post was amended at 2:09pm CT to reflect updated information on CNN and Facebook’s partnership on the debates.

Tonight, CNN and Facebook are to host the first presidential debate between the Democratic candidates. While political observers wonder what exchanges will be made between front-runners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, some eyes are on Facebook, and if it can truly create a true second screen experience in the face of social competition? Continue reading

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Honduran Money Laundering Arrests Affect Major News Outlets

The US government arrested Honduran Yanki Rosenthal when he landed in Miami October 6 on charges of money laundering. The next day indictments were handed down for other members of his family.

While many in the world media are focusing on Yanki’s ownership of a major Honduran soccer team and the family’s ownership of the bank Grupo Continental, the reach of the Rosenthal family is much more extensive.

For journalists, the indictments hit close to home. Continue reading

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What Project Lightning means for journalism

Twitter today unveiled the item that has been known for months simply as Project Lightning.

Moments was introduced on desktop, Android and iPhone versions in the US. These include pieces from news organizations including BuzzFeed and the Washington Post.

For example, BuzzFeed today did a Moment about McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu, while the Post did a Moment on the migrant crisis across Europe. These posts are available to be embedded into any piece.

the greatest three words ever put together

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) October 6, 2015

This little girl crossed from Serbia to Croatia this morning and was taken to a new temporary transit camp #refugees

— Anna Fifield (@annafifield) September 21, 2015

Twitter also said it plans to publicly debut Moments during the baseball Wild Card game between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees. Continue reading