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Why communities need members like you

A little over a year ago, I created the second community within the SPJ’s growing network of communities – SPJ Digital. While the community looked at the influence of social media and the web on journalism, we shared a similar goal with our colleagues in the Freelance community – to help not just contribute to the conversation about the future of journalism, but to make sense of it all for our members, and help them find the right path. Continue reading

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Your thoughts on Twitter’s next 10 years

Twitter will turn 10 next March. I’d like to hear from you about its future for journalists. (Image: Flickr user Anthony Quintano under CC)

Next March, Twitter will celebrate its tenth birthday – a significant occasion for the social network known for its influence on the modern culture of journalism. To mark that occasion, I am researching a piece for an upcoming issue of the Society’s magazine, Quill, marking the forthcoming event, and its influence.

Yet, alongside that, as part of my research, I’m hoping to ask a bigger question – what do you, the journalist, want to see from Twitter in the next 10 years? Continue reading

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We Carry On: A Tribute to Alison and Adam

It was a disorienting Wednesday morning on Twitter.

My eyes and thumbs perused the normal banter of old high school friends, article links tossed out by the slew of environmental journalists I follow for Earth updates.

And then something stopped me momentarily in my scrolling.

I read that wrong, I assume.

But no.

I see the same headline a few tweets above.  Another shocking jolt.  Another gasp of disbelief.

“Ex-Broadcaster Kills 2 on Air in Virginia Shooting” –– The New York Times confirms my doubts, my suspicions that what I read earlier was, in fact, true. Continue reading

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Lessons China Needs To Learn From Hong Kong

As usual, journalist Frank Ching is spot on in his analysis.

When Hong Kong was handed over to China, people were saying Beijing could learn from Hong Kong how to enter the modern world of finance and politics. But there are lessons Beijing just does not seem to want to learn.

For example, when a major issue dominates the public’s concern, the Hong Kong government sets up commissions to investigate and report back to the people. Continue reading

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Summary of how Chinese authorities hinder Tianjin reporting

China Digital Times put together an excellent summary of how authorities are preventing Chinese and foreign media from covering the Tianjin explosions.

Tianjin: Journalism Stands as Official Line Stumbles

  Continue reading

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Making the Best Use of Your Time at EIJ (Which Isn’t Easy to Do!)

I know The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando is so hard to pass up for journalists of the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin leanings (does anyone really want to be in Hufflepuff?). But, if you really want to take full advantage of EIJ 2015, I suggest leaving your Ollivander-made wand at home, and come ready with your Muggle Androids and Apple devices.

How can you make the best use of your time at EIJ 2015? Continue reading

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Snapchat Discover Making Moves

Every reporter, every news company wants its products to be viewed by as many people as possible. Social media has made it easier for stories to be shared quicker and wider, and earlier this year Snapchat entered the news game with the Discover feature. Prior to Discover, Snapchat was a social media platform that couldn’t have been farther away from the news game — the purpose was the send funny pictures that lasted a maximum of 10 seconds. Continue reading

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How Twitter is keeping tabs on the news

Twitter’s news tab, unveiled last week, as seen on its iOS platform. (Photo by the author.)

Last week, Twitter made available to some users in the United States a new feature called the News Tab.

This tab, available on the social network’s iOS and Android platforms, allows the user access to top headlines from varied sources. When a user taps an article to see more, they will see a headline, a brief paragraph and a link to that article. Continue reading

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Stewart’s journalism 101

Jon Stewart, who signs off tonight from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, influenced the modern media culture of America, and had lessons for those in the media industry. (Photo: Martin Crook/Comedy Central)

He sat at that desk, and told us of what happened in the world that day. Not only did he make us laugh, but for some of the population, he informed.

When 11:30 Eastern time struck, as most people turned off or switched to Letterman, Kimmel or Fallon, he had done more than just talk about the news of the day. Continue reading

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How to make the most out of #EIJ15

Note: This post has been adapted from a previous post about attending #EIJ12

by Lynn Walsh

The Excellence in Journalism Conference is right around the corner. Whether you are still deciding to go or not, or already have everything booked, here are some things to think about. Go. You can’t enjoy the experience fully without being there. Yes, people will be tweeting from the sessions, but to fully benefit from the sessions and the experience you need to be there. Continue reading