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The X Factor | June 19th, 2016 | #
NW Excellence in Journalism Contest Winners Announced

We are proud to announce the winners of the Northwest Excellence in Journalism contest. This contest is the largest of its kind in the nation and honors journalists across the very diverse Society of Professional Journalists Region 10. Continue reading

SPJ Member Spotlight | June 16th, 2016 | #, #, #, #, #, #, #
SPJ’s Journalists of the Month: all LGBTQ journalists

Each month at about this time, we normally celebrate the accomplishments of an established SPJ volunteer. We usually post a congratulatory, brief essay about how much we appreciate their hard work. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez | June 14th, 2016
FOIA reform…next stop, President Obama’s desk

Hurray! The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved the Senate’s Freedom of Information Act reform bill yesterday, sending the bill to President Obama.

A day later, the Society of Professional Journalists and other news media organizations are still celebrating this important step taken by Congress. Continue reading

Journalism and the World | June 13th, 2016 | #, #, #, #, #, #
Kazakh Journalists Meet With Local SPJ Chapter

This item first appeared on the website of the Washington, DC, chapter of the SPJ

By Alice Ollstein

How do you distinguish between trustworthy news and propaganda? Continue reading

Journalism and the World | June 7th, 2016 | #, #, #, #, #, #
China’s Foreign Minister Berates Canadian Reporter For Legitimate Question

This was first posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi decided that any questions about China’s human rights record is not something he likes being asked. Continue reading

Journalism and the World | June 2nd, 2016 | #, #, #, #, #, #, #
Getting around the Great Firewall of China as June 4 approaches

June 4 is remembered as the day the Chinese government brutally shut down a peaceful demonstration in Tiananmen Square in Beijing that was calling for reforms in the ruling Communist Party and in the government. Continue reading