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The Independent Journalist | February 29th, 2016 | #
MacGyver your own Freelance Community

My column for the latest issue of Quill:

I started freelancing nearly a decade ago, before the recession had taken hold. I’d worked at a community newspaper for several years, covering education, neighborhood news and the arts, and I wanted to explore new ground. Continue reading

SMACK: Student Media Aid, Cash & Know-how | February 26th, 2016 | #, #
Nailed it

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SPJ Kunkel Awards | February 24th, 2016 | #
Gimme 5!

Meet five more finalists.

In the Excellence in Feature Video/Streaming category, our three judges slashed 32 entries to the five below. They include comments from one of those judges. Continue reading

The Independent Journalist | February 22nd, 2016 | #
The writing life (part two): Be part of the solution, not the problem

Guest blogger: Keith Campbell 

What does it mean to be part of the solution and not part of the problem? I firmly believe that taking no action is being part of the problem. Continue reading

SMACK: Student Media Aid, Cash & Know-how | February 16th, 2016 | #, #, #
Fishy at DePauw

What’s a journo-fish?

Years ago, I read a bizarre New York Times science article called Sex Change in Fish Found Common. It began…

When a school of reef fish loses its single male, the largest female begins acting like a male within a few hours and will produce sperm within 10 days. Continue reading

SMACK: Student Media Aid, Cash & Know-how | February 15th, 2016 | #
A faint Echo

This guy might be advising a student newspaper.

Or he might not.

Michael Hillman is publisher of the Emmitsburg News-Journal, a local newspaper near Mount St. Continue reading

Mouth of the South | February 14th, 2016 | #
CNN: less international

The world just got a little smaller.

And not in a good way.

According to Adweek, CNN’s entire international desk – based in Atlanta – is closing, and more than two dozen employees will “have to reapply for their jobs.”

My first thought was, “Less journalism in the world.”

But assistant Region 3  director Sharon Dunten, who lives outside Atlanta, thought, “Less journalists in my city.”

Here’s her report…

Welcome to the Best Former Journalists Club. Continue reading

SPJ Kunkel Awards | February 13th, 2016 | #
Protected: Let the debate begin

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SPJ Kunkel Awards | February 11th, 2016 | #
Photo finish

We lied.

Last month, we said the Kunkel Awards would release Top 10 lists of finalists in each category, and the gaming community would have a week to influence the judges with their comments. Continue reading