FOI FYI August 30th, 2016

DOJ Should Improve Requirements For How Death In Police Custody Data Is Collected

By Lynn Walsh

The Deaths in Custody Reporting Act was signed into law in 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice is now proposing how it will mandate reporting requirements for law enforcement agencies across the country. Continue reading
First Draft August 30th, 2016

Why bookstores are paradise for journalists

By Alex Veeneman

Bookstores, including the Strand Bookstore in New York, are beneficial to journalists and aspiring storytellers. (Photo: Beyond My Ken/Wikimedia Commons)

Recently, an independent bookseller in Minneapolis launched a Kickstarter campaign to open a bookstore.  Continue reading

Net Worked August 22nd, 2016

The world and its stories

By Alex Veeneman

The New York Times is trying to increase its readership outside the US, which may have long-term effects beyond engagement. (Photo: alextorrenegra/Flickr)

Recently, The New York Times did something rather interesting when it came to its coverage of the forthcoming presidential elections. Continue reading

The Mid-Atlantic Muckraker August 22nd, 2016

Annual report observations (students)

By Andy Schotz

Some items of interest as I reviewed this year’s Region 2 annual reports for campus chapters:

Appalachian State University:

The chapter worked with the university’s student publication to host a conversation about First Amendment rights on and off campus. Continue reading
The Mid-Atlantic Muckraker August 22nd, 2016

Annual report observations (pros)

By Andy Schotz

Some items of interest as I reviewed this year’s Region 2 annual reports for pro chapters:

Washington, D.C., Pro:

A job fair held jointly with other journalism organizations for the second straight year did well. Continue reading
First Draft August 22nd, 2016

All The President’s Men and their ethics

By Alex Veeneman

January 20, 1973 — Inauguration Day in Washington.

In the newsroom of The Washington Post, reporters discuss stories while Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward sit and type at their desks. Continue reading

SPJ Member Spotlight August 21st, 2016

SPJ Member of the Month: Pat Trosky

By Susan Stevens

Keystone Pro Chapter President Pat Trosky is SPJ’s Member of the Month for August, brought to our attention because of her work on behalf of SPJ at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Continue reading

Code Words August 18th, 2016

What Should Journalists Learn From Gawker’s Demise?

By Andrew Seaman

Gawker launched in 2003, but didn’t come into my orbit until three years later during my first year of college. I don’t remember the first Gawker post I read, but the website quickly became one of my daily sources of entertainment and – yes – information. Continue reading

We need to talk about the atrocious media coverage at the Rio Olympics

By Tracy Everbach

The day after gymnast Simone Biles won a gold medal in Rio, the front-page headline in my local newspaper celebrated her as “Superlative Simone.” But I did a double-take when I saw a column headline underneath that read, “ ‘I don’t think she’s human,’ rival says of dominant Texas gymnast.”

Flickr/Agência Brasil Fotografias

How could those words have sailed past the editors? Continue reading

Net Worked August 14th, 2016

A Moment for journalism

By Alex Veeneman

Twitter’s roll-out of Moments to everyone provides significant opportunities for journalists and news organizations to engage with their audience. (Photo: Pixabay)

It was announced last week that Twitter plans to roll out Moments, its program that features content from news organizations and others, to everyone. Continue reading

NABJ/NAHJ16: It was epic!

By Sandra Gonzalez

I’m still coming down from the clouds as I write. The recent NABJ/NAHJ16 joint conference in Washington, D.C. earlier this month was the first of its kind, bringing the nation’s two largest minority journalism organizations: National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists together under one roof. Continue reading

Code Words August 12th, 2016

Daily Beast’s Apology Falls Far Short of Gold

By Andrew Seaman

The editors of The Daily Beast removed its unethical and dangerous attempt at an investigation into the sex lives of athletes at the Olympics in Brazil. Continue reading

How can journalists cover Voter ID laws this election?

By Georgiana Vines

A major federal voting rights case in North Carolina, in which state legislation required voters to produce photo identification and follow other rules disproportionately affecting minority groups, was blocked by a federal appeals court on July 29. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez August 11th, 2016

SPJ Members: Ask Chapter Delegates to Pass SPJ Supporter Bylaws Change

By Paul Fletcher

A Guest Post by Lynn Walsh, SPJ President-Elect

EIJ16 is almost a month away. On top of all of training and networking opportunities, SPJ chapter delegates will have an opportunity to vote on two proposed changes to the organizations bylaws. Continue reading

Code Words August 11th, 2016

The Daily Beast Wins Nothing At Olympics

By Andrew Seaman

The Daily Beast sent a reporter to cover the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of a story on the numerous important issues affecting the region, the website decided to publish a report that is journalistic trash, unethical and dangerous. Continue reading