Code Words | May 3rd, 2015

Transparency, Civility and Respect in Ethical Debates

By Andrew Seaman

Photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons (

Journalists who joined the Society’s conversations about ethics last week noticed some interesting posts popping up on Twitter.

Many of the posts were links to articles about gaming, some were links to graphics and some posts were links to other Twitter posts. Continue reading

Mouth of the South | May 2nd, 2015

Protected: Ethics isn’t a game

By Michael Koretzky

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The Heartland Beat | May 2nd, 2015

SPJ Region 7 launches 2016 SPJ fellowship for student/recently graduated SPJ members

By Rob McLean

For the past several months, a group of SPJ leaders has been working behind the scenes to develop an SPJ Region 7 fellowship exclusively for SPJ student members and members who have graduated recently. Continue reading

Net Worked | May 1st, 2015

Can social journalism thrive on Snapchat?

By Alex Veeneman

As Snapchat hires its first Head of News, there are questions as to whether it can revolutionize social media journalism. (Photo: AdamPrzezdziek/Flickr under CC)

Social media has changed the course and direction for engaging audiences, especially younger audiences. Continue reading

Code Words | May 1st, 2015

Ethics Week 2015: Like a surgeon

By Andrew Seaman

Photo Credit/Salim Fadhley

Like doctors, journalists often inflict some level of harm to serve the greater good.

A surgeon may slice through flesh to remove a diseased organ. Continue reading

Code Words | April 30th, 2015

Ethics Week 2015: #ACESchat with David Cohn

By Andrew Seaman

The first Twitter chat of the Society’s Ethics Week happened Wednesday afternoon with Ethics Committee Member David Cohn, who is an executive producer at AJ+.

The American Society of Copy Editors hosted the discussion as part of its #ACESchat on Twitter. Continue reading

Code Words | April 30th, 2015

Ethics Week 2015: A question of balance

By Paul Fletcher

The theme of SPJ Ethics Week for 2015 is “Minimize Harm,” the third of the four basic tenets in the SPJ Code of Ethics.

All seven of the sub-sections of this tenet call on a reporter to make value judgments and to consider restraint in reporting information that he or she has a right to publish. Continue reading

Net Worked | April 29th, 2015

Teaching social media ethics must be a priority

By Alex Veeneman

Ethics Week is the perfect time to remember journalism ethics, especially social media.(Photo: SPJ)

This week is the SPJ’s annual Ethics Week, a celebration of, and a time to examine deeper, the Code of Ethics and its primary values – to seek truth, report it, minimize harm, be accountable and transparent, and act independent. Continue reading

Code Words | April 29th, 2015

Ethics Week 2015: Reporting from the Internet

By SPJ Staff

Illustration Credit Sean MacEntee

In today’s journalism world, obtaining and sharing information can be instantaneous. 

Especially in breaking news situations we can find ourselves, as journalists, scrambling to collect, verify and publish the latest news we have. Continue reading

SPJ Works | April 28th, 2015

Community engagement in the form of public news meetings

By Taylor Carlier

News as we know it is changing, shifting — and hopefully — becoming even more robust. From social media to the Apple Watch, the means by which we receive our news is also constantly changing. Continue reading

Code Words | April 28th, 2015

Ethics Week 2015: Minimizing Harm in Times of Conflict

By Andrew Seaman

Photo Credit/Robert Kuykendall

Freshman journalism students are often asked to define the word journalist.

The lesson at the end of the exercise is that the definition varies from person to person. Continue reading

Invite a Visiting Fulbright Scholar to Your Campus

By Butler Cain

The Fulbright Scholar Program has a great component called the Outreach Lecturing Fund. Universities that would like to host a visiting Fulbright Scholar (who is already studying in the U.S.) can identify a scholar, apply to the program, and invite him or her to campus. Continue reading

Code Words | April 27th, 2015

Ethics Week 2015: Minimizing Harm

By Andrew Seaman

The Society’s Ethics Week is focusing on minimizing harm, which is a key tenet of the Code of Ethics.

The Society’s Code of Ethics is composed of four key tenets and almost three dozen underlying principles. Continue reading

Net Worked | April 26th, 2015

For NBC, it’s more than just about Brian Williams

By Alex Veeneman

For NBC News, there is more to answer than the issue surrounding its star anchor, Brian Williams.(Photo: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons under CC)

Brian Williams has not had an easy year. Continue reading

Bylines and Deadlines | April 23rd, 2015

A Look Back, A Look Ahead

By Rebecca Baker

Greetings Region 1 SPJ members. It’s been an exciting time for our region, for reasons big and small ….

First, we held a successful regional conference at Hofstra University. Continue reading