Net Worked | March 28th, 2015

Women Who Lead: Newsroom and Beyond

By Bethany Bella

As a young girl, I didn’t idolize Princess Diana; I didn’t know who Audrey Hepburn was until my freshman year of high school; Barbie was just a logo on a box in my basement, not my inspiration. Continue reading

Net Worked | March 27th, 2015

Some forthcoming changes to SPJ Digital

By Alex Veeneman

SPJ Digital has been making significant progress since the new officer terms began on Feb. 1. We have made more resources available and expanded work on our current resources, as well as grown in members. Continue reading

Net Worked | March 27th, 2015

Facebook: The newest content platform?

By Alex Veeneman

Facebook is holding discussions on hosting content from news organizations, which may affect the relationship with users.(Photo: bykst/Pixabay under CC license)

It has been a momentous week for Facebook, as it held its F8 developer conference this week in San Francisco, with discussions on how the social network will work and what it can do for the future. Continue reading

Region 5 Blog | March 24th, 2015

Last chance to register for Region 5 at regular conference rates

By Deborah Givens

March 24 is your LAST CHANCE to register for the SPJ Region 5 conference in Louisville at the regular conference rate prices.

Host Louisville Pro Chapter members have planned a full day of sessions Saturday. Continue reading

4th Estate | March 23rd, 2015

And the winners are…

By Patti Newberry

The national office issued the press release below this morning, listing the MOE winners for Region 4 who were recognized in Athens on Saturday.

Winners who did not pick up their certificates of recognition — or have someone do that for them — will receive them in the mail. Continue reading

SPJ Member Spotlight | March 23rd, 2015

Bethany Bella is the March volunteer of the month

By Susan Stevens

Bethany Bella

SPJ’s Volunteer of the Month for March is Bethany N. Bella, an Ohio University student who is a huge help SPJ’s Digital Committee as well as to her campus chapter. Continue reading

4th Estate | March 22nd, 2015

500 tweets from Athens

By Patti Newberry

OU chapter adviser Nerissa Young, far left, and OU president Kate Hiller, third from right in front, worked with an able and energetic crew to stage the regional. Continue reading

FOI FYI | March 22nd, 2015

Encourage more ‘sunshine’ every week

By Robbie Ward

Sunshine Week celebrates access to public information and what it means to people and communities each year.

Much of the week focused on which public officials and governments with exceptionally good or poor track records of providing access to public information. Continue reading

Net Worked | March 20th, 2015

Tablet or Traditional? News Consumption

By Bethany Bella

One afternoon in my second semester at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, I grabbed a copy of the morning’s The New York Times, more on an impulse than as a conscious, consumer choice. Continue reading

FOI FYI | March 19th, 2015

SPJ FOI Hangout

By Robbie Ward

Almost every journalist has experienced that frustrated feeling of knowing a government body possesses public information important but unable to access it.

A group of journalists experienced with acquiring public records from government bodies want to help make that feeling a distant memory. Continue reading

Western Tales | March 18th, 2015

Western region extends early-bird conference registration deadline!

By Matthew Hall

BREAKING NEWS. Well, great news, at least.

We decided last night to extend the deadline for early-bird registration until March 30.

But why delay? Register today. Continue reading

FOI FYI | March 17th, 2015

Digital public records access blocked from the White House to City Hall

By Robbie Ward

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton sounded a lot like the mayor of Tupelo, Mississippi last week when the likely presidential candidate discussed using a personal email address and smartphone for official business. Continue reading

Net Worked | March 17th, 2015

Personal Websites

By Bethany Bella

Designing myself a website in high school wasn’t just some whimsical experiment I executed in my spare time – I did it solely to get into college. Continue reading

Bylines and Deadlines | March 17th, 2015

FOI Fight Moves to Massachusetts

By Rebecca Baker

Massachusetts’ public records law, already considered one of the weakest in the nation, has taken another hit.

A series of rulings by Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Continue reading

Net Worked | March 17th, 2015

MSNBC unveils Facebook shows

By Alex Veeneman

US Navy Secretary Ray Nabus is interviewed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program. The channel has launched 2 new Facebook shows and has plans to expand programs onto other social platforms.Photo: Official U.S. Continue reading