Net Worked August 4th, 2015

Whatever the beat, the facts are always king

By Alex Veeneman

The trading rumor surrounding New York Mets player Wilmer Flores reminds us of why the facts are crucial. (Photo: Deansfa/Wikimedia Commons under CC)

It has long been established that social media has changed how we think about engaging with our audiences, from developing stories to informing them of what is going on as it happens. Continue reading

Net Worked August 3rd, 2015

Snapchat Live, Citizen Journalism

By Bethany Bella

You know what social media I purposefully held out on?  Snapchat.

I’d seen one too many of my peers get burned by that pesky little instant-messaging system –– either by sending the right snap to the wrong person, or getting that ugly selfie screen-shotted (I’m sure that’s a verb by now, right?). Continue reading

SPJ Works August 3rd, 2015

The #EIJ15 early bird deadline is coming

By Maggie LaMar

The early bird special for Excellence in Journalism 2015 ends Aug. 4. I know I’ve spent the past few days pretending that it isn’t August already, but it is. Continue reading

Net Worked August 1st, 2015

Tips on Writing a Digital Story

By Jonathan Mayes

With society becoming more digitalized, journalists to must adapt to the changes on how create a story in the digital age.

“The social media aspect was something that was just not there five years ago,” said Nick Komjati a student studying to become a sports reporter at the EW Scripps School of Journalism, which is a part of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Continue reading
Net Worked July 29th, 2015

Why Twitter’s concerns are journalists’ concerns

By Alex Veeneman

As investors wonder what’s next for Twitter, journalists are also wondering the same thing. (Image: Flickr user Anthony Quintano under CC)

Twitter earlier Tuesday released its second quarter earnings. Continue reading

FOI FYI July 28th, 2015

The flow of information: Reporting on water in the west

By Ashley Mayrianne Jones

Abrahm Lustgarten, an energy and environment reporter at ProPublica, had a seat right on the battle lines of the Western Water Wars. Having previously lived in a small town on the Colorado River, he developed an awareness of the water scarcity problem, especially as the drought got worse.  Continue reading

Net Worked July 28th, 2015

Is Snapchat discovering a journalistic comeback?

By Alex Veeneman

As Snapchat updates its Discover feature, its still trying to figure out its purpose in the world of social media. (Image: Flickr user ryan.nagelmann under CC)

The last couple of weeks have seen changes to Snapchat’s Discover feature, the platform established in January by the Los Angeles based social network that has seen content from providers including CNN, ESPN and the Comedy Central network. Continue reading

FOI FYI July 27th, 2015

Judging the Freedom of Information Act in environmental court

By Ashley Mayrianne Jones

One misstep, one decision, one instant can unleash consequences that last a lifetime. Consider April 20, 2010, when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion created an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the fallout from which is still making news. Continue reading

Code Words July 26th, 2015

It’s Alive: Code’s Supporting Documents Linked

By Andrew Seaman

Screenshot of the SPJ Code of Ethics on the organization’s website.

After a year of work by the Society’s Ethics Committee, I’m happy to announce that each principle in the Society’s Code of Ethics offers additional resources to guide journalists in making responsible decisions. Continue reading
4th Estate July 24th, 2015

OU’s Young a winner

By Patti Newberry

Nerissa Young and her SPJ students staged a well-run, high-impact regional conference in Athens, Ohio, in March 2015.

Region 4 continued to wrack up honors this week, as the SPJ national office released news of members who will be honored at EIJ15 in September. Continue reading

4th Estate July 22nd, 2015

Otterbein 360 honored

By Patti Newberry

Otterbein 360, the student-run web site at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, is one of five winners of the 2015 SPJ national Sunshine Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Continue reading

4th Estate July 22nd, 2015

Cincinnati leader honored

By Patti Newberry

Field experience is critical, Tom McKee, a reporter with WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, tells students at the Region 4 conference in Athens, Ohio, in March.

Tom McKee, president of the Cincinnati chapter of SPJ, is one of two winners of the annual Howard S. Continue reading

SPJ Member Spotlight July 21st, 2015

Congratulations to Andrew Seaman, SPJ Volunteer of the Month

By Susan Stevens

Andrew Seaman

Congratulations to SPJ Member of the Month Andrew Seaman, who is chairman of SPJ’s Ethics Committee. Andrew is a medical journalist with Thomson Reuters in New York City, where he reports medical and health news from around the world. Continue reading

Code Words July 20th, 2015

Learning from Gawker’s Attempt to Erase the Past

By Andrew Seaman

Visit for information on its Code of Ethics.

Journalism is a high-risk profession. While the work is rewarding, one mistake may lead to a very public downfall. Continue reading
Region 5 Blog July 17th, 2015

Louisville Pro honors contest winners, retiring board members

By Deborah Givens

Steve York, Kathy Francis and Jim St. Clair were honored for years of service on the SPJ Louisville Pro Board. Photo by Renee Petrina.

The SPJ Louisville Pro Chapter hosted its annual award dinner June 26 at the Bristol in downtown Louisville. Continue reading