Annual report tidbits (campus edition)

By Andy Schotz

Earlier, I posted highlights of the interesting and impressive things that SPJ’s pro chapters in Region 2 did in the past journo-fiscal year. Those details came from the annual reports that chapters were required to submit several weeks ago. Continue reading

Net Worked July 1st, 2015

Data, Data Everywhere

By Bethany Bella

My eyes and thumbs comb through medium after medium, prowling the Internet for the next sensational story, the latest updates from my friends, and the most cutting-edge scientific research. Continue reading

Annual report tidbits (pro edition)

By Andy Schotz

As journos know, the first time is interesting, the second indicates a trend.

In that vein, we continue the annual tradition of sharing intriguing nuggets from the annual reports SPJ chapters are required to file. Continue reading

The Heartland Beat July 1st, 2015


By Rob McLean


Guest post by Region 3 Director Michael Koretzky

Call it a full court press.


Note: This post appeared originally on the Society of Professional Journalists’ Region 3 Blog. Continue reading

A fashionable beat

By Anna Pratt

Kiley Krzyzek, a journalism major and president of her SPJ student chapter at Central Connecticut State University, has already begun freelancing. I talked with her about how she found her footing early on in the fashion and entertainment beats. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez June 29th, 2015

Executive Committee Meeting Highlights

By Dana E. Neuts

This week SPJ’s Executive Committee met in Washington, D.C. for its semiannual meeting on Sat., June 27. Here are highlights:

The Executive Committee approved minutes from its January 31 meeting in Orlando. Continue reading

You, the communities and your SPJ

By Alex Veeneman

Communities like SPJ Digital are helping to build SPJ’s future, and there is always room for more.

It started with an email.

A year ago this week, I began the process of getting a community together on social media and digital journalism. Continue reading

FOI FYI June 25th, 2015

Are we out of the woods yet? The FOIA fight with the U.S. Forest Service

By Ashley Mayrianne Jones

Nature-lover or not, almost every child in America can recognize Smokey the Bear, the iconic ursine emblem of the U.S. Forest Service. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of efforts to recycle paper, or to prevent wildfires. Continue reading

Net Worked June 24th, 2015

Can NBC Nightly News remain intact?

By Alex Veeneman

NBC’s Lester Holt, on assignment in Afghanistan in 2012, was named anchor of NBC Nightly News earlier this week. (Image: The US Army/Flickr under CC)

It was announced earlier this week that Lester Holt would permanently take over as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, months after its former anchor, Brian Williams, was suspended by the network after exaggerating certain information about reporting in Iraq. Continue reading

FOI FYI June 23rd, 2015

Shaking things up: Michael Corey on reporting earthquakes in fracking’s boom time

By Ashley Mayrianne Jones

“And as we all know, Oklahoma has more earthquakes than California,” the seismologist said. But until Michael Corey from the Center for Investigative Reporting attended the American Geophysical Union conference last December, he hadn’t known that. Continue reading

Welcome to SPJ Communities!

By Dana Neuts

Several years ago, under the leadership of John Ensslin, Sonny Albarado and David Cuillier, an idea was born – well, borrowed actually – to create communities within SPJ. Continue reading

SPJ Member Spotlight June 18th, 2015

Congratulations to SPJ Member of the Month, Robbie Ward

By Susan Stevens

Robbie Ward

Congratulations to SPJ Member of the Month, Robbie Ward, who was an organizer of the SPJ Google Hangout World Press Freedom event. He blogged at SPJ’s FOIA FYI blog during Sunshine Week. Continue reading

Code Words June 17th, 2015

Some big news about the Society’s Code of Ethics

By Andrew Seaman

When the committee revising the Society’s Code of Ethics met on Ohio State University’s campus last summer, an idea without a name was born.

Screenshot of the SPJ Code of Ethics on the organization’s website. Continue reading

Net Worked June 17th, 2015

Facebook, Snapchat and political journalism

By Alex Veeneman

Social media competition will be developing ahead of the 2016 election. (Image: Pixabay under CC license)

As media coverage continues to intensify of the campaigns for the 2016 presidential election, at the helm is social media, and how that will likely influence coverage. Continue reading

SPJ Works June 17th, 2015

The face behind the emails, tweets and all things SPJ communications

By Maggie LaMar

My name is Maggie LaMar and I am the new Communications Coordinator for the Society of Professional Journalists. I am almost finished with my fourth week here and have already learned so much (and sent members many emails). Continue reading