The X Factor May 27th, 2016

Region 10 Annual Conference

By Ethan Chung

Greetings journalists!

This year’s annual Region 10 conference will be on June 18, from 8:30am–3pm at University of Washington, Communications Building 120. Tickets are $15 for SPJ members and $25 for nonmembers.  Continue reading

China et al block CPJ at United Nations

By Dan Kubiske

The Committee to Protect Journalists was denied observer status at the United Nations after China and a few other anti-free press governments stepped in.

The CPJ has been trying to get accreditation as an observer in the Economic Social Committee — ECOSOC — Non-governmental consultative body. Continue reading

Seven Ways to Fight the Freelance Funk


Guest blogger: Susan Valot 

Every once in a while, you may find yourself in a freelance funk.

Maybe your personal life just imploded and work seems secondary. Continue reading

Freedom of the Prez May 24th, 2016

SPJ board reduction proposal rejected

By Paul Fletcher

The board of directors of the Society of Professional Journalists held an electronic meeting yesterday, May 23, to consider a proposal to reduce the size of the 23-member board by four members. Continue reading

Board votes 13-3 against new boundaries, contraction

By Andy Schotz

On Monday, the SPJ national board met electronically to discuss a proposal to change the board structure.

Region 3 Director Michael’s Koretzky’s proposal had four parts, including cutting the number of SPJ regions from 12 to 9. Continue reading

The X Factor May 24th, 2016

Northwest Excellence in Journalism Winners Notified

By Ethan Chung

Greetings journalists.

Entrants who placed in the 2015 Northwest Excellence in Journalism Contest were notified by email this week. Exact placement of contest winners will be announced at the SPJ Western Washington Pro Chapter gala on June 18 at the Hyatt Olive 8. Continue reading

On revamping the SPJ board

By Andy Schotz

The SPJ board of directors is considering a plan to change the board’s makeup.

The plan has four parts. One is to reduce the number of SPJ regions from 12 to 9. Continue reading

Net Worked May 20th, 2016

The legacy of Morley Safer

By Alex Veeneman

CBS News correspondent Morley Safer, seen here in 2010, died Thursday in New York. (Photo: Charles Bogel/US National Archives/Flickr)

There are various reasons as to why we go into journalism. Continue reading

Migrants: Where from, where to and local impact

By Dan Kubiske

Originally posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World

If you ever wondered why there is a better selection of tortillas in your local store or why getting good garam masala is suddenly much easier, the Pew Research Group has a quick way to look at immigration and emigration. Continue reading

Net Worked May 17th, 2016

Journalism by Facebook

By Alex Veeneman

Journalism was a key component of Facebook’s growth. Above: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Photo: b_d_solis/Flickr)

The New York Times today published an interesting collection of pieces in its Room for Debate series on if Facebook is saving journalism or ruining it. Continue reading

From the spring SPJ board meeting

By Andy Schotz

Better late than never…

Here are highlights of the actions and discussions from last month’s SPJ national board meeting in New Orleans:


• The big topic of the day was membership. Continue reading

SPJ Member Spotlight May 16th, 2016

Jason Parsley: SPJ Member of Month

By Susan Stevens

Jason Parsley, the editor of the South Florida Gay News. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

An SPJ leader who encourages SPJ participation beyond his own state of Florida — Jason Parsley – is SPJ’s Member of the Month for May. Continue reading

Net Worked May 12th, 2016

Why Facebook needs a public editor

By Alex Veeneman

Mark Zuckerberg should hire a public editor for Facebook to benefit journalism’s relationship with the platform. (Photo: b_d_solis/Flickr)

It’s been a wild week for Facebook. The social network came under criticism this week for allegedly suppressing content that advocates Conservative policies when it comes to the content that appears on its Trending Topics list. Continue reading

Write Rite May 12th, 2016

Welcome Iowa & Nebraska?

By Joseph Radske

Hi Region 6 SPJ members. We’re on the verge of getting bigger.The SPJ board will vote in a few weeks to add Iowa and Nebraska to our region. Continue reading

Net Worked May 11th, 2016

Tell people what you want, give rewards: Twitter chat about comments

By Beth O'Malley

Ahem. First lesson I’ve learned form this is that Storify doesn’t appear to have a whitelisted embed protocol for WordPress blogs. So, to read the round-up of tweets from Tuesday’s #SPJDigichat about comments, head here. Continue reading